MediaWiki is one of the best free open source software choices for PHP and it was originally set up for posting on Wikipedia. It has since moved into being used for other projects with the Wikemedia Foundation and is translated into several languages. It's free software that is meant to be run on a large server farm where the sites get millions of hits per day. It helps users with the ability to edit their pages quickly and easily. The software is scalable and powerful and uses a feature-rich implementation that includes PHP to process and display data, whether new or previously posted.


DokuWiki provides its users with a software platform that has clear and readable syntax and this creates ease of maintenance integration and backup. By using the authentication connectors and built in access controls, you'll see that a large number of plugins are available to make this site more efficient. By supporting over 50 languages, readers all over the world can engage and share your material and create even more traffic. This is what an open source platform like this is great for, since it works with just about any Wiki site at the same time and why so many users are downloading their own copy.


PmWiki is a wiki-based system that is set up mainly for collaborative creation and website maintenance. These act and look like normal pages but they have an edit link that is easy to use and change the content. There is no need of any knowledge of any CSS or HTML links, and you can even set the privacy settings for the viewing groups. As the administrator, you can create a custom look and feel for all of these pages. Access controls are simple to use and you can set a password that applies to different groups. All of these come with different skins and templates.


WikkaWiki is a lightweight, standards compliant, wiki engine that is free and written in PHP. It uses MySQL to store pages and has several features that help you control access, site speed, extensibility and security. The General Public License covers the release, which means that users have the right to download and alter the program as they wish. For those users that want to implement safe HTML code, use images or Flash and tabular data, this can be the solution they have been watching for. It also works with the FreeMind mapping program for those who take advantage of its benefits.