ClipBucket is an open source multimedia management script provided free to the community. This software will give you everything you could possibly want to start your own video sharing website like some of the more popular versions. All of this can be set up in a matter of minutes. This is one of the fastest growing scripts with its advanced features and enhancements that make it more versatile and reliable as a distribution platform. It also includes the latest social networking features while using a light amount of financial resources. If you're ready to create your own video sharing site, then download this script and see how its benefits can get you started.


Vidiscript has just the right software solution to allow you to start your own video sharing community online for no cost. With the ability to support numerous photo and video files, you'll see that this software automatically comes with SEO friendly aspects. When you start sharing your files, they will be found much faster and easier by search engines and this open source software will prove itself to be a great investment. This is also bundled with a flowplayer making sure that the videos are smooth without interruption. Check out how you can use this free script to start your own site online and what kind of audience you can attract.


videoDB could be the solution you've been looking for if you wanted to catalog and manage your own personal video collection. With this software, you'll have the tools to put image covers and other external data to work for you. You can even use actor thumbnails if you are including full-length movies. By combining all of this in one place and using a free software application like this, you're getting the best of both worlds. You'll be able to search for any particular video, find it and share it with online contacts quickly and easily, and that is why so many people are trying out this application.


CumulusClips is a fabulous piece of open source software that gives you the ability to start your own video sharing community online. This could turn into a social community as well, since viewers have the ability to not just view, but also rate and comment on what you have posted. Multilingual support by the software means this can happen across the globe and you can expand your influence much further than you originally thought perhaps. This software comes plugin ready, so it's a very simple process to add in whatever other features you would like. You already have the ability to use theme-based skins and customize your viewing experience accordingly. Mobile ready applications means your videos can be shared and viewed on any mobile device and this is what downloading a great piece of video sharing software is all about.

Prismotube Express

Prismotube Express is the free basic version of the main program without all the bells and whistles. Basically, this is a video script that is based on the YouTube API and allows you to build a video site in record time. With a couple keywords, you can upload your video and use the included technology. This software will refresh the contents every day to make sure you're seeing the most updated and relevant videos. Having this on hand will allow you to use the included admin tools and whatever plugins you find most helpful, so use this when you're ready to share videos online.