Social Networking


Dolphin is the world's most advanced software platform for building vibrant custom social networks and online communities. It comes equipped with modules of every type for the most comprehensive social software package available for bloggers. You can set up classified ads for members to use and connect with each other, and payments as well, if you're selling products or services. The articles module is set up for rich text, so you can create an inviting page that your readers will love to share. Multiple avatars can also be created and used by members, according to what group they are participating in.


Oxwall is a social network, a fan site, and an education project all wrapped into one as a free open source community software. It's unbelievably flexible and easy to use with its PHP/MySQL platform, and it also chances the way you can use plugins. These are complete units of functionality for various purposes. With the click of a button, you can control what is operating on the site from the admin area, giving you another level of efficiency with your working, full-featured site. It can be used for a wide range of projects, from a freelance developer who wants to streamline their projects or an individual who wants to create a community site.


If you want to create an online social network/niche community, Jcow could be the right answer for you. With this platform, you can be sure that your readers will be able to access the information from any device since it naturally displays the appropriate way. Its multiple levels of privacy controls can be set up and controlled by the admin and that gives readers and members a greater level of security. Subscribers will enjoy faster speed and lower hosting costs and that increases the amount of traffic to your page. If you're adventurous and want to try new apps, app developers use their source code access to make changes and try them out.


Elgg is an award winning open source social networking engine and platform where all the necessary core components are available to build out socially aware applications. Building blogs can be delivered through this set up to help schools, universities, businesses and associations create their own applications and fully featured social networks. Different entities can be created quickly and simply, using flexible software. Your plugins will push the required content to your users using the granular activity stream that is part of the platform. Whatever user management and relationship needs your site has can be handled by Elgg and the administration controls that are included ensure high security for your site.


Beatz gives you the ability to develop an online social networking community using a script that is built around music and sharing that with other individuals. Your favorite artist or band can be showcased on the main page listing their new music or by sharing YouTube videos of their concerts. An online platform like this gives you more room to use LAMP technology and create a place where listeners can discuss their favorite music, why a particular artist speaks to them and what they like most. The powerful administration panel lets you personalize everything from your personal profile to the main page, using slideshows to focus on what you want to highlight.


Etano is the open source PHP script you've been waiting for to set up your social networking site, dating site or anywhere you would like to gather large groups of people online. The great news about this platform is that you can customize it according to what code you add or take away and create a unique experience for your site visitors. Not only are you able to upload an unlimited number of photos, but you can save your searches and use the advanced mailbox system. Blogs are perfect for sharing your personal thoughts and attracting likeminded people. Comments can be moderated, shared and replied to as well, making interaction that much simpler.


pH7CMS is one of the first and best social dating open source sites that is written in object-oriented PHP using an MVC architecture. It requires a small amount of resources, and yet remains extremely powerful and secure. With more than 29 native modules, it is based on the pH7Core framework. The advanced search features give you the best results for dating possibilities and you can take notes and even create a blog. Page management ensures you keep track of friends, messages, smileys and other aspects of online dating, including comments. With geolocation, you can tag your photos and share your information with online contacts.


PeoplePods is a great toolkit that comes ready to roll using software that is perfect for implementing groups and an online meeting place for likeminded individuals. Here, you can build applications that will let groups not just meet, but also share their work, read each other's work, and comment in reply as they explore new ideas. Members will enjoy the flexible infrastructure as they create their own groups on the site and invite other people to join them. When they implement their choice of Wordpress plugins, they can create their own online world of sorts, sharing whatever information they are comfortable with using the customizable profiles.