Project Management


qdPM works as a project management tool that is web-based and free. It was developed as a tool for small teams to collaborate and work on several projects at the same time. You can configure it fully and manage everything from people to tasks to projects. Some of the more popular benefits include a custom report generator, a time tracking and time report benefit, as well as users access controls. This lets the administrator view everything from support project to task status in a single dashboard and keep the project progressing forward. Small teams who need help with management and staying focused should look at this as a possible solution.

Feng Office

Feng Office is a one-stop shop when it comes to project management software. This digital tool will help everyone on your team communicate more effectively and allow any type of digital communication to proceed smoothly, including that between clients and vendors. You will have the ability to send messages and e-mail, assign various tasks, schedule meetings and events and share files of course. Not only will this software boost your entire team's productivity, but also your customer satisfaction rates. That means you're going to get much higher returns on your time investments and your projects will have an overall higher level of quality.


eyeOS is a new concept when it comes to desktop management regarding the use of the private cloud application platform with a web-based interface. This software delivers the whole desktop from the cloud with file management, personal management information tools, collaborative tools and the integration of the client applications. You will be able to virtualize your workspace, improve your mobility by providing access through multiple devices and increase productivity through 2.0 collaborative tools. With zero disruption during the day you'll see that this software can significantly improve productivity levels for not just yourself but your employees. Check out the demo and see how this changes how your work timelines and productivity levels.


Collabtive has key features that will help you put this web-based project management tool to use. Not only will your projects be done easily and efficiently, but you'll be able to track milestones and tasks along the way. With file management, you can decide who sees what portion of the project and monitor how it's progressing. Time tracking and reporting will also let you know whether you're on track or need to regroup. There are several plugins that will give you the highest efficiency levels, including project templates and the mobile web app. Hosting, branding and customization services are another portion of this platform that should help you put your stamp of quality on any project.


dotProject is a free tool that anyone can download to manage the day-to-day activities when it comes to projects and getting them completed on time. Some of the benefits include a huge range of environments and applications where it would be helpful, from single people trying to manage their own daily workload to nonprofit organizations and schools. If you were to use a help desk for this information, the regular interruptions might keep things from moving forward smoothly. However, this program has been designed with the idea that deadlines should be kept. Once it helps you define a workload, then you can determine who will work on each task.


ProjectPier is an open source platform that runs on a PHP and JavaScript and can be downloaded for free. Once you have it installed into your own server, you have the option to scale and self host as you choose. The benefit of having a program like this in place is that it gives you a central location to monitor all the progress on a particular project, no matter where your team members might be located. It was developed to work across different platforms although it does require having MySQL in the background of the operating system. The intuitive Web interface makes it very simple to manage team members, tasks and projects overall.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Trac is one of those programs that you'll wonder how you ever got along without after you start using it. This software can be downloaded in minutes and then you'll be up and running in terms of project management and monitoring. Your team members and teammates will be able to effectively communicate with clients and this will bring a whole other level of accountability to the job. With email notifications, you can ensure that everyone is aware of where the job stands and also communicate with clients about issue updates and comments. With this kind of access control, it's going to be a lot easier to get the work done on time. You can also customize the fields in the notifications and workflow sheets to communicate more effectively.

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie gives you a software package that includes a project management dashboard that will keep the administrator on top of the all job portions that are going on. With this free program, once it's downloaded, you can customize each field to determine what information will be shown to whom and how. Integrating this kind of software into your current situation will only improve productivity and the speed that jobs get done in. It will also decrease the amount of miscommunication between team members. Check out the demo version of The Bug Genie to see how your team can benefit from its software benefits.


PHProjekt is a free groupware and project management web application written in PHP. This is the only free software included in the SimpleScripts installer. It's available in several languages and can be used as an add-on for other office programs. The modules it includes will give users the benefit of the calendar, chat window, message forum, file management and more. There is also a help desk if you have questions where you can submit concerns and get a reply. This modular project management application gives you the capabilities to coordinate group activities and share information documents via the web effectively.


TaskFreak is an open source project management web application. Its software is packed with plug-ins in order to make this more customizable for your particular needs. You can keep track of the time spent on each project as well as the jobs for each team member. This is a feature that can also be added to your existing WordPress site. It is extremely fast and simple with a quick entry form for each project. This software also works on mobile devices. The easy setup with MySQL and SQLite can help you order tasks by both priority and deadline. This will give me a project administrator the ability to organize not just by project but also context.


Todoyu is a free software package that is web based allowing you to manage projects, resources and team members in real time using reports of various types. This will allow you to collaborate and improve the accuracy of billing and time tracking issues. Your team members will be able to share files, save time, increase productivity and create all invoices directly from the software itself. Usually, this particular program works well for small to medium-size businesses. You will find that your projects are completed on time with fewer hassles and less chances of miscommunication when you employee a web-based application like this.


Flyspray is a web-based bug tracking system to assist with more streamlined software development. The program itself is an uncomplicated version that was written in PHP. Once you have downloaded it, you can alter the source code as you desire to fit your current situation. The current features include a web-based platform with the multiple database support. The easy installation and ease of use ensure that even beginners can take advantage of these technological benefits. Multiple projects can be tracked at once making sure they are not infected by viruses or bugs. File attachments can also be scanned along with RSS feeds.


phpCollab is all about collaboration over the Internet to handle all your project management needs. Not only does it feature team and client sites, but you can handle individual task assignment, document repository and work flow charts, as well as team discussions. Using the calendar notifications will keep everyone on the same page in terms of deadlines and when things need to be finished. There is also the support request software portion and news desk where you can share announcements regarding the project or other matters. All of this is combined with the ability to invoice directly from the software making it a complete one-stop shop.


Traq comes equipped with a powerful permission system that lets the administrator decide who sees what portion of the job at any time. There is also the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time effectively. With project milestones being tracked and noted, bugs will easily be managed and corrected. The timeline will adjust each time progress is made and this will be updated on the site. If you use the plug-ins that are available to make this even more effective, you'll find that you end up using the software a lot more. You can also choose to filter tickets to find exactly the topic you're searching for rather than spending time reviewing each one of them. Custom fields ensure that each person's profile is filled with the right information and that improves communication between everyone.


SiteDove is the smart technological friend you wish you had in the back room. Not only will this software run a complete report on your entire website, it will also share the results with you so you know how to proceed. This kind of protection will keep you from having to deal with security flaws, reputation damage, online blacklists and malware. Once this is done, your computer will be protected and you won't have to worry about hidden problems in your website that could be an issue for either you or your visitors. Try the software and see what kind of report it returns for you.


Eventum is still working on creating the ideal program for a support department to track incoming technical support requests. This flexible issue tracking system is meant to be user friendly, and the developers are working on some issues with the trunk series right now. If you have previously downloaded the demo version of this program or have questions for the developers, you can submit those online. Although this is not fully operating at this time, you can follow along with the milestones through updates from the developers themselves. Check with the site to see what they are currently focusing on and how they hope to improve the software in the future.


Admidio is a free software package that has been developed to work with online membership management, specifically for clubs, groups and organizations. The variety of modules that are installed in this software consists of classical management members and these can be installed or adjusted to a new or existing website. Registered users already have a website by this software package including access to user configurable membership lists and predefined agendas. Along with that, members may be grouped together with assigned properties that they can be easily searched for. These lists can also be exported to a variety of office programs.