Drupal is a professional blogging system that you can download, install and start using right away. Not only does this core platform contain all the building blocks you need to create a personal or professional blog, but you can change this up with hundreds of modules and layouts. When you have selected your template and theme, you can decide if this will work better than one of their pre-configured installations. For help on how to create and build these pages, there are several guides posted to lead you through the instructions. Your site can easily be updated at any time as well, once you have this foundation in place.


Joomla is an award winning software system that you can use to create anything from a small business website to a personal homepage for your family. Here, you can share photos, files, music and content whenever you like and use your choice of thousands of designs to do so. Users have no need of technical skill or knowledge since they can follow the easy to understand steps in just a few short minutes. With its free open source platform, it's feature filled platform can be afforded by anyone who wants to start publishing online and can be understood quickly and easily.


PHP-Fusion is a lightweight support system for blogging that is open source and great managing content. It uses a MySQL database and gives the user complete control over the comprehensive system. As you look over the software package, you'll see that it includes the most common features users look for. This lets you review the different add ons that work for your needs, either business or personal. There are six main types of add ons in 35 different categories that you can use to create a more custom site. These will help you start publishing online and present your material in the manner you desire.


Concrete5 is a blogging system with a very easy to understand setup system that helps users follow through with editing and publishing whatever material you have. Whether this is a picture, a video, or some other type of file, you can have this published and updated to your site immediately. Functionality and pages can quickly be added as well, and you can use the various design tools to create the perfect page. As you move quickly through this process, you can post the most relevant content to your purpose and share your material with as many online readers as possible.


ModX is a platform that allows for optimization of the site at any time, deployments on multiple servers and creating a custom virtual site. Not only will you have the support of their professional team, but you will have access to the community of experts when you have questions. Whether you're migrating a site to ModX from elsewhere or publishina a brand new stream of content, you'll have the design and layout tools to start working online. Business clients will appreciate the ease of publishing content whenever necessary in order to keep their customers and readers updated. Their consultations are going to maximize your efforts during the entire process.

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a package of blogging software where you can implement SEO friendly URLs, and then take advantage of integrated and online help. This modular and extensible support makes it easier for group management, depending on the size of your team. With a group-based permission system, it's more efficient to stay on top of the content that is created and edited. The powerful and secure design is flexible for any design you want to create, and this works for both business and personal online publishers. The fact that it's free means it's easier to get up and running as well with a minimum amount of financial investment.


Xoops is a dynamic web content management system based in PHP that is very easy to use. It comes with the ability to search for users using a variety of criteria and this is what makes it so beneficial to personal and business users alike. The modules can each be installed or uninstalled at will, depending on what works best for your objective. If you want to communicate with your readers, you can do this through an email system and keep them engaged. When you're sharing valuable material, this is the way to garner a lot more attention to what you're posting online.


Zikula is an fully expansive CMS solution to anyone looking for an open source blogging platform. After the simple download, you'll find the tools to create an effective online presence for a single individual or an entire company, with a team of users. Not only does it support high end graphics, but you can include plenty of pictures and videos with your material, ensuring that it gets more attention. This is the content that is more likely to get shared online as well. Using web interfaces also gives your readers the chance to read it on mobile devices without difficulty.


E107 is a content management system that is very powerful and can be used from the open source platform. As a project that is constantly being improved, you will find that updates and features are being added all the time. The framework is built by coders who are experienced in implementing a step by step wizard. With drag and drop editing, you'll be able to edit everything you post down to the line. With the social media links, it will be much easier for you to post your content online for others to share and market. Multimedia can be added to anything you post as well which will make it far more interesting.

Website Baker

Website Baker has key features that are flexible and yet secure and intuitive. The portable version on mobile devices gives you just as much access as desktop locations. With its standard features, you can manage the content throughout the page, so it allows you to set up group access with secure profiles. The support of multiple languages means that you can engage with readers across the globe and allow for registration at the same time. Each module can be installed individually and will help your site become more search engine friendly. The flexible template system also lets you change the backdrop of your site at any time.


PHP Nuke comes equipped with the add ons and modules you need to create the best site possible. It is very user friendly with plenty of themes and blocks to customize your design. With the tips and tutorials, you'll find plenty of instructions to complete your blog layout and get it up and running. Whatever version you're running of PHP-Nuke can always be updated and revised with a more clean structure. The social tools that come in this software package are also efficient for sharing what you have posted quickly and easily, and this is what makes it perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Open Real Estate

Open Real Estate is based on a web application known as PHP and MySQL and it is simple to download and begin using. This type of blog setting is particularly helpful for real estate professionals who want to network with sellers and buyers alike. There are plenty of apps to customize your site and make sure it includes whatever features mean the most to you. When you begin writing on this user friendly interface, sharing your content and information with your intended audience becomes a lot easier. It also doesn't require a huge investment to create the right virtual site for your business use.


ocPortal is the one stop shop for next generation websites that will help you reach your target audience quickly and conveniently. The multiple levels of support that come with this content management system are versatile and they include everything from file uploads to a shopping cart to subscription services for your readers. As you work with the system and set up your pages, search engine optimization will help you get your site found more quickly by the popular search engines. With easy connections to social media, your secure material will be shared more often by readers who like what they see.


PyroCMS is blogging already prepared for anyone from a single individual to businesses of any size. It is easy to apply web-enabled applications and have these running for the convenience and enjoyment of your readers. As their community grows and they have more themes and modules to choose from, it's even more of an opportunity to create an engaging site where your reader can interact with you. Its responsive design and powerful add ons mean that it can be effective on mobile devices as well, expanding your reach much further than desktop bound subscribers. With its ability to manage multiple sites, you'll find this is the one place you need to start an online community.


Pligg CMS is a blogging package that when you download and start using, it's going to be focused on having readers share your content, so all the right social media networks are going to be connected. You'll have readers sharing your material on pages like Digg, Mixx and Reddit and building your online audience for you. This system has the ability to support tens of thousands of websites and it's simple and easy to work with, having a very clean design for a dashboard. Upload your files, pictures and videos and start building your online reputation today with the help of Pligg CMS.


Subrion is a PHP based content management system that is very user friendly. Even without the knowledge of a web programming guru, you can set up a page that meets your personal or business needs. The multitude of features such as full source editing and per page permissions help you set up a unique experience for each reader. The advertisements for Subrion will not overwhelm your own content, since this is white label software, running in the background where it's not overt in readers' faces. The multi lingual CMS also comes plenty of security features ensuring that your online presence is safe for everyone on the site.


Mambo is a full-featured content management system whose users are very happy with its powerful system and add ons. The community support makes it simple to get answers when you need them and they also talk about how easy it is to navigate. It's perfect to work with for both a personal or business virtual presence, turning what could be a complex operation into a very simple process. The applications and modules that you can add to your site make it more engaging and ensure that your readers stick around for longer periods of time, and also that they are more likely to share this with others.


Contao is a professional looking content management system that allows users to create a state of the art internet presence in a short amount of time with the highest quality and security standards. It is easy to develop search engine friendly sites that are accessible even for readers with disabilities. It can be expanded inexpensively and flexibly and there is an easy process to manage user rights. Depending on what you want to include in the framework, the modern CSS format has modules like calendars, forms, news and a variety of others. There is also no registration required to use this downloaded software.


Geeklog is an open source blogging system that is perfect for managing dynamic web content. It's written in PHP but supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL according to the user's preference. With its ‰ÛÏout of the box‰Û thinking, it supports comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats and even spam protection. It can be expanded by including community developed plugins to make the site even more functional. These can be image galleries, community forums and much more. When you're ready to start publishing online, simply download your copy and start working to create the best informational site for your subscribed or visiting readers.


SilverStripe is a content management system that was built with out of the box solutions included, so that no idea is too complex to accommodate. Whether you want to manage several websites, intranets or sophisticated web applications, you can do it from this incredibly simple and interactive designed dashboard. There are social and transactional features included as well that will help every user in your system. It can be used as a stand-alone online publishing network or you can combine it with other programs. Developers will enjoy the ability to write code and content editors can get their work done quickly and easily.


sNews is a lightweight but effective standards compliant content management system that is simple and customizable. Not only is it very easy to install but you can use a simple web interface to deploy it. Its core is made up on just one core engine file, one independent template file and one CSS stylesheet file, along with its .htaccess file that makes your site urls search engine friendly. It's free, so it works for the budget of an individual user or a small business and yet you have the ability to publish dynamic pages that will get the attention of readers or customers.


Typo3 is an open source enterprise CMS that is free of charge. It's a scalable web application framework that includes access to a large, active global community. With its user friendly format and unlimited expandability, you can use the integrated development and editing workflows to create even more effective web pages. Perfect for a website or intranet needs, this platform provides excellent web solutions that give you fast results with a reliable foundation. Its interface also lets you focus on the task at hand for a revolutionary editing experience. With more than 6,005 extensions, this can help you set up the perfect website for you or your company's needs.


jCore is a multisite web content management system that is set up especially for webmsaters. If they work in the LAMP environment, they will appreciate the benefits of the jCore Server and the jCore Client. The Server gives them access to the libraries and modules they can use to build on, and the Client is a stripped version without any libraries where they can share their creation with the public. For the multiple sites that webmasters have to work on, this gives them the capability to correct several bugs at once and make sure that all the source codes are current.


ImpressPages is a simple and effective PHP framework where easy administrative interface meets easy code tools. Whether you're a content editor or website developer, you will appreciate the flat, crisp and clear design that you can work with. The gorgeous websites that can be created for both personal and corporate pages are quickly implemented to which you can add your own plugins and themes. Inline editing and drag and drop CMS make changing up your posts a simple process, so you can include videos, menus and polls according to what you're posting. With support for any questions you have, you'll be back on track in no time.


The PHPWCMS download file is very simple to work with and in fact, has a flexible, robust and fast system to work with. Working under the PHP and MySQL frameworks, you're able to have the same support as thousands of websites across the world. This tool works great for websites whether they are set up for public, professional or private sites and it's very easy to learn. With the flexible layout, you're in full control of where your content is displayed and how your readers interact with you. This is why you should check out the PHPWCMS program to start your next virtual presence.


ImpressCMS is a community developed CMS for building and maintaining your dynamic website presence. Not only is this flexible system secure, but it's easy to use. The wide range of use works for business and community users, and this is perfect for anyone who wants to use a blogging tool. This powerful system gives you outstanding results and it is highly scalable for intranets as well. When you're developing and managing online communities, you can assign permissions to each group for managing content. If you want to publish organization news, stay in touch with readers or simply create and manage articles, this is the system to download and put in place.


Silex is an online website publishing tool that comes with plenty of community widgets and these can be extended to accept online payments, and post video and audio files, as well as other forms of multimedia. With the included templates, you'll have what you need to create a website quickly or even with a blank page. There are no hidden costs and you can be up and running in a few hours using their basic features. With its free cost and open source format, this intuitive interface helps you focus on what really matters. Your files can be edited on your own hard drive and then they can be published quickly afterward.


Monstra provides an amazing support for plugins and themes that core developers want to put in place. Using this platform, you can create more than one administrator, editor and user for your site, sharing the responsibility of creating and editing for your page. It becomes more SEO friendly with individual keywords and search engines robots meta tags for each content portion. The levels of security are included to keep hackers from breaking in and overwhelming your site. The open source format is free and licensed for anyone to download and install, creating a professional looking site online to share to their information.


Quick CMS comes with an easy to understand administration panel that contains all the most important functions and keeps the scripts from being difficult to use. When you're ready to add a new page or product, this process is quick and simple, which means your website can be up to date at all times. The current applications that are offered through this download are those that are most popular for anyone from an individual user to a manager for a corporate website. The system works incredibly fast and gives your reader and customer a better experience so they return in the near future.


Redaxscript is an online platform you can use with module system hook points, as well as an intuitive WYSIWYE admin interface. Its multiple language and template support is offered to 30 different lingual groups. You can use enhanced password security, as well as extensive website settings. The on-demand loader for javascript and CSS means that your content is going to respond faster and play more smoothly. This fluid and elastic layout is why so many users are using Redaxscript to create their online presence and share information about their goals and objectives. This lightweight CMS is the answer for many projects, whether simple or complex.


Saurus CMS is a great solution for anyone that is new to web design but still wants to create an interesting piece of virtual real estate. Rather than having to learn a new major program, the WYSIWYG editor lets you work and lay things out exactly as they are on the screen. For those that are more experienced in CSS, they will appreciate the opportunity to modify the templates at will. You can add in text, tables, documents and hyperlinks with each post as special touches and let them engage your readers more effectively. Here is where you want to begin when you're ready to start publishing online.


SiteCake is a system you can download by simply copying the correct piece of code and pasting it into the web root folder of your page. Once it's installed, you'll have access to directions on how to use and create SiteCake templates, as well as include slideshows on each page of your site. The ability to include Javascript in your templates means that media will play on a variety of devices and giving your readers expanded access to the content you have posted. Toolbar modular configuration lets you decide what is displayed where and what is highlighted. When you change the language of your site, you'll have the capability to reach an even larger audience.

Sitemagic CMS

Sitemagic CMS allows you to create and edit website pages after you download the super user friendly installation package. With the tools that are built-in, you'll be able to create beautiful and dynamic galleries with a full-screen display and turn it into a slideshow. External modules can be used to embed maps and other social media links to keep your site current. You can also create several emails accounts to stay in touch with readers and guest authors. Managing files and folders is as simple as managing menu links and the structure of your navigation, so check out this tool for your next website project.


ProcessWire is a package of online publishing tools that will help you reach the sky at any scale. Its powerful API is inspired by jQuery and it works quickly with a small footprint. The built-in user management means you can control who has access to what portions of the site you decide. With the highly extensible architecture, you can control the entire layout and check with the active and friendly community if you have questions along the way. It's bigger, faster, stronger and easier and something you should not miss if you want to create your own site for readers to follow online.


Mahara is a free eportfolio open source platform where you can control exactly what other groups and communities see when they visit your page. This control is added into your dashboard, where you can create folder and sub folder structures. Your files will be uploaded quickly and efficiently with the multi tool. In terms of creating blog posts, your editor will let you see what the finished product is going to look like, add media and embed images at will. Social networking is so much easier with the links that are in the system and you can get a much larger group of readers when these are enacted.


Pimcore gives you powerful integrated tools using a start of the art user interface that lets you connect and engage with your readers and users. Drag and drop capabilities ensure that your posts have all the content and media you want without learning the complexity of another system. No matter when you start a marketing campaign, you'll be able to manage the digital files and the customer experience you want them to have. When you use the social media connections, you'll find that your material is shared more often and with larger groups of people. Multi-channel support gives the ability to work on several devices as well.


Fork is filled with powerful apps that back up its open source platform and give you a place to become a marketing monster. The user friendly interface gives you many more opportunities to interact with visitors and highlight the content you want to feature. As you employ these tools, you'll see that visitors are more likely to share what you write and expand your reach globally. This is where learning how to use a simple system such as Fork can make a huge difference in how your online audience responds and spreads the word for you. Take a few minutes and set up a blog today!

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware was included in the Top 20 Open Source CMS list and is growing in popularity. The free application comes with a fully stocked knowledge base to use as your build your online page. Whether that is a gallery, album, search tabs or management integration, this is where you will learn more about it. Publishing on the website is very simple whether you're talking about a news feed for current articles, blog posts, themes or banners to share news announcements. When you're ready to start selling products, services or subscriptions, the shopping cart can turn your site into a marketing location that works 24 hours a day.


Jamroom is a CMS that is community based and gives you access to powerful tools that will help you work with any additions to your blogs, such as videos, audio files, social links and galleries, as well as many more. The skins that are available for selection can be changed out according to the theme of your page, as well as the modules and applications you choose to work with. Your entire online community can gather at your site using the appropriate tools. When you work with a system like that has more than ten years of experience online, you're going to have the best results.


Bolt is a content management tool that is set up with the objective of being straightforward and simple at all costs. Not only is it quick to set up, but it's easy to configure as well, despite the elegance of the templates that are offered. It's also fun to use! Using open source libraries, it is best suited to build HTML5 sites with modern markup. Technically, it's written in PHP and uses MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL for databases. The preferred users are designers and developers who like to write clean markup, developers who need a system that is easy to configure and end users who want to focus on producing and editing content.


Pluck is one of the smaller, lesser known content management systems that has big things on the rise. With the ability to create an unlimited number of pages and photo albums, you can create your own blog to share your personal thoughts or highlights on new projects your company is working on through videos and pictures. With the contact form, it's much more efficient to stay in touch with readers and subscribers. The easy to use interface lets users choose a theme and integrate the HTML layout into your page designs. With a flexible module system, you can easily integrate your own functionality.


Tribiq CMS is one of the award winning open source formats that is available for free download and it gives you the chance to work with your customers one on one in an environment they appreciate. It's browser-based so it can be translated into whatever language is necessary. Depending on whom you are working with, you can use the maps application to locate various offices and refer those to readers. The Site Accelerator also ensures that your material loads quickly and reliably, reducing the amount of time your readers spend waiting on something to appear. When you're ready to create your website, download the Tribiq software and see how quickly you can be online.


BigAce comes equipped with all the professional grade tools but with the price of free, making it a software system that anyone can download and start using. With the backend controls, you'll decide when and where content is displayed on each page and how you want readers to view that information. It also comes with sitemaps, comment managers and other items that will make managing the entire site much easier. As new plugins are released, you will have the option to implement them, as you do with the variety of themes that is offered. Check out what's new in BigAce before you create a blog so you can see if this is the right software tool for you.


If you're looking for an open source CMS that is free and ready to work, then check out Croogo. This is built with everyone in mind, whether they are experienced or brand new at setting up a blog. It's been developed to work in conjuction with Twitter Bootstrap in order to improve the response times of the site. It's also powered by CakePHP MVC framework so the site is efficient and reliable. Since it's compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL, the PHP language it's written in is incredibly effective. It has the freedom to run on almost any server and is ready to help you as soon as you download the software package.


RazorCMS is software that will let you get up and running with the appropriate host in just a few short minutes. All the packages are priced for different sized budgets, and come with every tool you'll need to create an effective site online. The hosting support will answer any questions you have and make sure you're running efficiently. Your online visitors deserve to have a website that operates as efficiently as they need and that will give them the products and services they are looking for. This is what RazorCMS offers with a quick download and then installation process with easy to follow instructions.