Polls and Surveys


LimeSurvey is a tool for anyone who wants to survey their readers and gather information into poll results. With the ability to have unlimited surveys, questions and participants, the multilingual support gives the user an opportunity to gather a lot more information. Depending on how you choose to add videos and photos into these surveys, you can also customize your own survey template before you send out e-mail invitations. Import and export functions mean that you can transfer these results to another application for various purposes. Modules can be included to work with WordPress, which is another very popular blogging software tool.


Piwik is a web analytics platform that is open source and free in the market field. With this tool, you'll be able to have deeper insight into the visitors of your website and what content they appreciate the most. When you're running marketing campaigns, this kind of information can be very helpful so that your strategies can be more optimized and your visitors have a better experience every time they visit you online. It doesn't matter whether you're an individual blogger, a corporate representative or a small business owner, these are facts everyone needs to have. This particular platform is very good at respecting the privacy of both you and your site's users, but giving you full control of the data gathered at the same time.


LittlePoll is a very simple PHP polling script. This set up is automatically optimized and there are two versions available. The first one is a simple loading script and the second lets you include pictures. Both of these are easily customized according to the layout you have in place. New polls can be set up from the simple administrative center using this freeware project. If you need to collect information from your readers, this software does not require any databases or additional fuss. This is why so many more individuals are using this in their online polls to get more results.


phpEPS lets non-technical users create, administer and share their own surveys. This software helps you gather the results, manage the information and view statistics to see how these numbers change over time. Database initialization helps you put together a list of contacts and then communicate with them using reliable email software. Database changes were not added in the most recent updates, but there were some bug fixes included. Patches can be downloaded if necessary, but this platform is generally very easy to integrate into your current system, where you can manage and customize the ideal survey page template and layout.

Aardvark Topsites

Aardvark Topsite will help you keep track of how popular your site is based on other websites within the same group. This program can show you statistics not just for individual members but also for your entire website. Using security questions in an anti-cheating protection, the results of your rank will maintain their integrity. There are also Seo-friendly links that help your site rank higher within the search engines so you can improve your visibility. You'll discover that site members can easily access their own topsite account and view statistics using an integrated control panel that is easy to understand.


Easy Poll is an incredibly simple and effective tool to gather information from your readers using a question-and-answer type scenario. This user-friendly situation does not require you to install any type of software or download any packages. There are some premium features that are available for purchase, but the basic concept is free to use. When the recipients receive your question, they can reply and you will be able to gather the results and determine what your next plan of action should be. If you'd like to learn more about the details, there is also a page of frequently asked questions you can peruse.

Advanced Poll

Advanced Poll is one of the best tools you can use to conduct online surveys because it gives you access to several vote management tools that aren't available in other software platforms. For example, after you have conducted a survey and gathered all the replies, you will now have the option to delete all votes, view each user's vote or restrict the poll to a certain group of subscribers. Based on the times you choose, the poll will open or close accordingly and then allow you to decide when those results will be shared with your audience. With quick AJAX interaction and customizable settings, your survey takers won't be slowed down unnecessarily and they will have a better experience.

Simple PHP Poll

Simple PHP Poll is a basic script that allows you to get answers to particular questions in a short amount of time. Even though the program is simple and lightweight, it has an advanced feature customizable administration panel. It has extremely small file sizes which means you don't need a lot of operating space or resources to run this program. It also works across every browser using JavaScript extras to help your specific target audience can answer the questions quickly and effectively. It is meant to work at fast speeds and be compatible with most PHP platforms to get the job done.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is software that can be used to track and analyze how individuals use your websites and applications that are contained in it. It's licensed under the General Public License and provides website owners and developers both with easy ways to add web analytics to their websites. This program uses simple JavaScript, PHP and others. It also comes with built-in support for tracking websites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress. It's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge to manage effectively, so it will help you keep track of the most popular portions of your website and more.

CJ Dynamic Poll

CJ Dynamic Poll is the right tool for anyone who wants to create an interesting website by showing their viewers one poll question and then showing them the vote results so far on the very next screen. This is something that makes it a little more interactive and lets them see the results of their decision immediately. This is a free tool that you can download and install and use the full administrative interface to make changes. Once this package is unpacked into your system and ready to operate, you'll be able to create surveys at will, administer surveys at various times throughout your marketing campaigns, and view the statistics based on the replies that are given to you.


Logaholic gives you insight into powerful web statistics and ways that you can make your site perform better, whether that is between clicks, sales or views. You can store the data on your own server and then import and export with ease. The results can be sent as an e-mail, a PDF file, or other forms. You'll be able to see a global overview down to individual click paths. After you drill down, you can filter your traffic and a variety of ways. There is a powerful reporting platform built into a dashboard where you can see everything on one screen. You will be able to customize your report store using over 100 analytics reports.

Little Software Stats

Little Software Stats is an open and free runtime intelligence software that was developed to have minimal SQL queries so it does not slow down your server. No matter what language or programming language is in, this software runs on an API so it will track your numbers no matter what. Thise simple to use interface will also sort out the data and automatically track the numbers so you don't have extra work to do. With a simple installation that takes less than five minutes to get you up and running, this is a tool you cannot afford to be without when it comes to evaluating your website and how well it is performing.