Seo Panel

SEO Panel is an award-winning and complete open source SEO control panel for managing search engine optimization website. This is an entire toolkit including the latest SEO tools that will track the performance of your website. This is free software released under the open source license project. The main feature of this software is its extendable SEO plug-ins. Anyone can easily develop and install required plug-ins for their sites. There is also an automatic directory submission tool that will be very helpful in terms of getting more exposure for your pages. A keyword position checker is another valuable benefit as you post content online.


phpFreeChat gives users a way to offer free live chat services on their websites. Now, your visitors have the option to talk in either public or private chat rooms and get the answers they need. This interface is customizable on desktops, tablets, laptops and even smartphones. It has been developed to work with and fit into your website's design. The free version has a jQuery plugin client side and also a PHP code server side. You will be able to keep data on your server and enjoy the deep customization options. Feel free to share your thoughts with the community as well and contribute to the code upgrades.


WebID is a concept that is derived from the thought that an individual, an organization or a company should be able to clearly and consistently identify themselves online. This would prevent a lot of confusion in terms of content that is being published for various reasons. Instead, they would be provided with a unique ID that would be used for everything, including social media links. It helps a person or company establish who they are connected to and what their community looks like online. Privacy issues of course come into play and this is another focus for the software developers.


YOURLS is a really fun tool that uses a small set of PHP scripts to help you create custom short links. You are no longer resigned to waiting for a third party to provide that information for you. Instead, you can use a custom keyword and url and then bookmark that page so that you can share these either publicly or privately. The plugin architecture and Ajax interface make this a simple program to interface with other software applications as well. The friendly installer is quick to use and then you'll be sharing your own custom social media links soon after.


phpLD is a safe, secure and reliable tool that many individuals have been using instead of Wordpress since about 2005. The updates that are offered for this software usually just include new features, because there aren't any security problems they have to worry about. Of course, they are running a special for new users where you can get the software for free, six months of hosting and a domain name, but there are conditions that go along with that. This software has proven itself to last over time and give users the ability not just to create a blog, but also to share it. They also have the tools in hand to allow other people to post via their blog with permission access.


phpFormGenerator is an amazing tool that is free to use and gives very efficient results. This is a form generator that handles everything from reading the programming language to producing the HTML codes, the form processor code and the field validation code that is needed to produce the final document. Then, you can choose where that form will be delivered and simply save it to your server. This is a very simple process using a free tool, that will give you an endless supply of forms, fo you to use as you see fit. The point and click interface is also clear and easy to understand.

Form Tools

Form Tools is a simple to use interface that can be integrated with a variety of systems. From within the interface, it's possible to generate forms that are either single page or multi-page and have those work with several different systems, like HTML, Flash, Silverlight and many others. The user does not need to understand programming knowledge or have any technical expertise to do this either. They can simply follow the steps lined out in the software and use the form it creates on the website just moments later, following the upload instructions. This is very effective for creating online forms that you need right away, but may not have the previous experience to do them on your own.


With Question2Answer, you have the ability to scale this software for millions of posts and users. It will keep your content safe from injection attacks by nature of the software at the same time, and you have access to SEO features that are already included. With the ability to create a custom sidebar, widgets, pages and more, this is a software program that will help you create a website all your own. It's currently available in 40 languages and running on thousands of website, so its reputation is well established. This program runs on the PHP/MySQL system and is open source so it can be downloaded, modified and redistributed if you wish.


SPIP is a publishing system for the Internet where collaborative working has the greatest importance. There are also multilingual environments which add to the simplicity of use for web authors. This free software has been distributed under the open source license. That means the users can use it on any site, whether personal or institutional, without hesitation. This software was developed and used by a community in which there is an open invitation to participate. The developers wanted everybody to have a system for publishing content on the Internet. The installation process is very simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.


Soholaunch is a website builder that makes everything that seems difficult much easier. This software comes with tons of built-in features so that everything you need is already supported. These features include a shopping cart, drag and drop editing, an event calendar and even photo albums. You can also include Google maps so it's much easier to locate your place of business, as well as social media sharing. People enjoy sharing links about companies they like to do business with. You can set up members only areas and use Google analytics to track the traffic to each area of the website. Blogging and e-mail marketing have also been thought of and there are modules to handle both of those.


ArticleSetup is the powerful, flexible and surprisingly simple web software that you can use to set up your own article directory website. It has a premium script that is easy to use, feature rich, customizable and fully supported. The most important benefit though is that this software is completely free forever. This is the free PHP article directory script that will allow you to publish articles submitted by authors. It has a clean, customizable design and a powerful admin panel. There is also an insightful author dashboard where you can learn all about the articles. Total settings control means that you run everything from start to finish including category management.


PASTE is a pastebin open source file that has been forked from the original, but promises to have some great upgrades. Along with the regular features users love, now there is also password protected pastes, as well as archives and custom templates. These are effective, as is the admin panel, installer and other details that are on their way. If you like the reCaptcha integration and the password protected content, make sure you pass along your review, so they can consider that with the new version. Otherwise, download a copy of the demo file and see if it offers everything you need at the moment.

Open Journal Systems

Open Journal Systems is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed through federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research. This is installed locally and controlled locally. Editors have the rights to configure requirements, sections, review processes and more. There is also an online submission and management of all content. Subscription modules can have delayed open access options. Comprehensive indexing of content is part of the global system. These are just a few of the benefits you will receive when you download this software package, and you will learn much more from the site itself.


PhpGedView great having you and your family members work on tracking down your family tree. This genealogical history will will keep your website updated for the latest news at all times, so they can review it and be current with you. Software like this knows how to simplify the process of working with others and yet allowing you to upload several types of multimedia, along with your notes. You'll be able to include items such as photos and document images while maintaining full privacy functions and full editing capabilities. This is why so many individuals are seeking out a program like this so they can work with their loved ones to find their family history but also keep it private.


PHP QR Code is a wonderful solution when it comes to the need to generate QR codes. This open source software supports several types of encoding, includingKanji, alphanumeric and numeric. The language is written in PHP, keeping users from having to worry about any type of external dependencies. The data can be exported using a few different file formats based on the system you're operating in. This program configures very easily and also give you the benefit of faster data caching for calculations. The merge tool that is equipped in the software already will help deploy your libraries as one large file. Also, the error logging and the debug data dump help keep your application running smoothly without any errors.


jobberBase is the free software answer to anyone who wants to set up a job site board online. Business owners and visitors alike will be able to review the job postings and even post without having an account. There is also a powerful search tool that lets job hunters find the links they are looking for immediately. It certain opporutnities look interesting to your visitors, they can simply click on the link to get more details. As you're working in the administration panel, you'll see that you can control all the settings, including RSS feeds. As you work your way through the software, you'll see that there are many more details and benefits to consider.


Hablator is one of the best free programs for chat support on your website that is available. Features offers include exceptional speed and a very simple installation process. It does not have high client requirements or highest server requirements. You'll even have the capability to chat with someone who speaks a different language because that window will translate the conversation for you. You'll see notifications when the other person starts and stops typing a message. If they need a file to be transported to them, you can do so directly through the chat window. Finally, there is no need to install multiple chat rooms because you can have several discussion topics going on at the same kind. Even if the other person does not have a browser with compatibility mode or JavaScript support, you can chat with them as well.

Privacy Policy Generator

As the Privacy Policy Generator software package becomes a part of your website, you are protecting yourself both now and in the future. Even though this seemed a minor detail, this can actually cost you some major problems if somebody wants to call you out on that rock. However, there is no need for that when the process to get your own custom privacy policy is so quick and easy. Just by plugging in a few details to the software program, you can how one is to generate it for you so you can post it properly. This is why so many people are now using this solution, since you don't have to have any legal skills or knowledge to do so.


JoobsBox in a way that is free to download and specifically meant to help you set up a jobs site online. The administration panel that comes with the software is very powerful and helps you line up the exact categories, listings, plug-ins and any other variable that might affect your website. It also offers multilingual support for job hunters can translate your content quite easily. There are themes and plug-ins that extend this program simply and efficiently as well. For those users who want to create an online site advertising jobs in their area, this is the perfect place to begin.


GLPI is a software application that can help your company work more efficiently right the way. This information resource manager has additional administration interfaces that are incredibly helpful. Not only can software be used to build up a database with an inventory of your company, but it also has enhanced functions to make the administrators' daily life easier. These include the job tracking and mail notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your entire network. The two main purposes why this application was developed were the management and history of the maintenance actions and procedures to the precise inventory of all the technical resources on hand.


Webtrees is an unsorted online collaborative genealogy application that is completely free. It was the villa to work with standard files and be installed on Web servers that are running MySQL and PHP. Every major desktop applications should be able to accommodate this software file. The developers wanted it to be in effective and efficient combination of the use of design techniques, third-party tools and open standards. Anyone can afford the price of free and that means that you too can take advantage of the benefits of the software has to offer. Download and see what kind of search benefits it can offer your family tree.


PHPWeby is a powerful and easy-to-use free link management script with numerous options for running a directory, catalog of sites or a simple link exchange system. You can create a general directory and have users submit their favorite sites and agree to be charged for the review. There is also an option where you can create a regional directory for your town or state and sell advertising, or niche directory about a topic you love or know. The features of this program include an integrated payment system with PayPal, link validation, SEO urls, unlimited categories and subcategories, and many more. Check out the compatible templates that you can use to create this site online today.


OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality. The most important updates in the last release included being able to see a hyperlinked member name, override a due date, renew all books, and many more. The capability now exists to custom copy fields and copy barcode number validations. There is also a new search type known as call number and keyword. All of these are important for the smooth running of any organization that is lending books or multimedia material. If you are considering this yourself, then download this software for assistance.


Codiad is a web-based framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements. This software was developed with simplicity in mind, allowing for fast, interactive development without the huge overhead of some of the larger desktop editors. There is support for 40+ languages and a large plug-in library. Multiple user support is available and screen splitting for the editor. You'll find advanced searching tools and smart auto complete to help with faster entries. Over 20 syntax color themes are available to choose from and the software is completely open source. With a team of passionate collaborators like this software package has behind it, this list is only going to grow.


Wallabag is a self hosting application for saving webpages. This software that is free and open source so you can download it and change the code as you wish. There is no need to miss content anymore, since you can click, save and read it when you want. This program will save the content you select a server you can read it when you have time. A program like this will also help you save only the important content so you don't have to waste time on all the fluff. This free software is going to help a lot of people save time during their busy days.

Open Conference Systems

Open Conference Systems comes equipped with everything you need to have a successful online scholar called for. This program is to completely create a web presence for you, doing all the work. Then, you have the opportunity to compose and send a call for papers. When those papers are ready to be submitted, you can electronically accept them, and if someone is submitting paperwork, they have a chance to edit that work. Post conference proceedings and papers can also be posted along with the original data set if you so choose. It might be helpful if you also have participants register with our friends and integrate that information into post conference online discussions.


phpDocumentor is a software program that has been developed to analyze the code of your website and create great documentation for your review. This report will provide an in-depth review of your project to you, your contributors and even your consumers. It will let you know what functionality is embedded within your source and not just the interface. Of course, this should not be considered every placement for conventional documentation, but rather a hopeful reference point or supplement. The templates that are used in the software program are incredibly flexible and allow you to alter the output however you wish.


InfiniteWP is a tool that is going to synchronize all your WordPress activities throughout the day. Now, you have the software that will allow you to log into all of your WordPress sites at the same time, regardless of the password differences. It will let you create massive action, by deactivating, or activating themes and plug-ins throughout these sites in bulk. With a simple master log in, you can control several sites at once, apply updates to everything, and even create backups of all the sites simultaneously. For those that are seriously wrapped up by Wordpress activites in a day, this can be a huge help.


Commentics is a free, advanced PHP comment script with many features. It is professionally written and uses open source code. Its main purpose is to be integral, customizable and secure, and is designed to be integrated into your existing pages. This includes a highly configurable back end with multiple admins already figured in. You can also use the database backup and use online viewers for specific documents. These tools and much more are built into the protected open source software, of which you can download a free demo and try out before you invest any more time and money into it.

Monsta FTP

Monsta FTP is now offering the most efficient way to move files around in your browser‰ÛÓby dragging and dropping them. They will instantly upload without any of the typical hassle. With the open source code this file is written in, you'll have access to the complete PHP/Ajax verbiage. Its installation is very small with just two files and it will support FTP on Windows or Linux. When you can move files simply by dragging and dropping them, your whole system runs more efficiently. This open source software gives you that capability and makes it must faster in the long run.


XCloner is a professional website backup and restore application designed to allow you to create safe complete backups of any PHP/MySQL website and be able to restore them anywhere. It works as a backup component for Joomla, Worpress or even as a standalone application. You can manually complete backups or set them up to occur automatically. It is secure meaning your content will remain private, and you can restore backups from anywhere as well. With open source support, you'll have access to the developers and experts if questions arise. The 24/7 support is enough to make sure you feel confident in the services of this program even before you buy the full version.


SVN Manager is a tool that gives you unique access to your systems remotely. It's a PHP web based tool that is designed to help you with access to your repositories and the accounts that are attached to them. Using this program, you are not able to create, remove, load and dump repositories. It also lets you manage user accounts and groups for access to the repositories. The latest program will give you another option, and that is to invite users by email to create an account on the server. When you combine all of these tools, you are giving yourself greater access to your own data without being in the same office, and it's very effective.