kPlaylist is a free PHP system that links your music collections available via the Internet. This is a music database you can manage via the web. You can also stream music, upload, make playlists, share, search, download and a whole lot more. This software has flash player support as well as video and audio support for different formats. You can network and share music with other sites. There is also a multi-upload and multi-download tool to make transferring your music faster. You can share private or public playlist with your contacts. In randomizer function allows you to find new and popular music as well.

Podcast Generator

Podcast Generator is a free to download, 100% free open source podcast publishing solution that anyone has access to. He and collation process is extremely simple with only three steps and this program works with any web hosting as long as it's supported by PHP language. The web interface is easy and intuitive and promotes the power and simplicity of using software like this. You'll be able to publish not just audio, but also video podcasts. You do not have to have a wealth of technical knowledge to use this software since you can simply upload your material and let the software handle the rest. This software supports multiple languages and themes and these can be customized to your preferred experience. Social net working tools are also integrates it can share your material easily. With no licensing fees and no time use caps, this is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to create a podcast.


AmpJuke is perfect for listening to music online and sharing that experience with friends. A software program like this allows you to stream and share your own mustic and share that with your network. Of course, you also have the option to listen in native mode, which means you're creating your own individual radio station. If you are streaming your music, this software will find the matching lyrics, covers and albums that coordinate with what you're listening to. As you choose from the several modules to connect this software to, you'll discover that the program handles this process automatically. Using and downloading an open source file like this is completely free, which means any newer versions or upgrades are also going to be free.


Impleo will be a great help for somebody who is looking for a simple script that is written in PHP and that will help them catalog and manage your record collection. Details like the name of the record and the name of the artist are typical, but if you want to add more information, such as the year and country of release, you need something that will handle this information. Not only are these fields included in this software, but you can also add personal notes of your own. For example, you might want to talk about the format of the record as well as the label company who released it and what their original catalog number was. If you are cataloguing an especially valuable collection, details like this will be very important.