Micro Blogs


Sharetronix is set up for either a community or business class type of user. This means there are specific features that will help you set up the right type of page with its hosting plan. There is options to allow for advertising and also a software download for business bloggers. For support, there is a normal business line that you can call on regular days. Your dashboard is the perfect place to begin writing posts and it keeps everything simple and easy to understand. You can choose private and public groups for each post as well and use the appropriate activity feed as well.


StatusNet is an excellent option for blogging software because of its web-based platform. This social software can be used by both business and personal users and it will allow you to use many of the popular add-ons that are listed. Depending on what kind of template you select, there are plenty of apps to enact and make your website that much more exciting. If you have questions, you can benefit from the online community that is accessible at any time. Download the latest version of this software and see what kind of virtual real estate can represent your personal or business interests.


PageCookery is a microblogging platform set up for a single user that has several customizable templates. With separate code template systems, each page can be getotagged according to its posted comments. This helps you relate to your readers in a more engaging way, and the WYSIWYG editor makes all of this very simple. You can upload a variety of photos and media files from any mobile device, which makes it a simple process to update your site from wherever you are. The documents that are supported by this platform let you share material of all types with your readers as well.


Storytlr is an easy blogging system that you can download and import your files to from a variety of sources, eighteen in fact. There are several styles to choose from and then you can personalize them and lay out your stories in a variety of ways. When you look at the demo site, you'll see that the site is very easy to navigate and is simple to work with, either personally or professionally. The installation is quick, with an easy process to unpack the downloaded file and you can start creating a virtual presence in minutes. If you're ready to share your life online, this is a great software system to use.