Roundcube is a webmail solution that is free and open source, but it has a desktop like user interface. That means that it's easy to install and configure and operates on a typical LAMP server. It contains an online calendar module which you can use to record all of your events and send yourself e-mail reminders about. Virtual folders help you save previous searches and you can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate much faster. There are cloud storage services to allow you to save attachments or links. The advantage interface makes it simple to customize all of these settings for every user.


phpList is a free open source download that gives you a newsletter manager so you can increase the response and interaction from your customers or prospects. With this easy permission marketing set up, you don't have to worry about downloading or installing anything. Rather, this project lets you manage deliverability and white listing all for free, while you organize your contacts for both large and small lists. This platform can also be integrated with other programs with its versatile and extensible platform. Since over 10,000 individuals are downloading this program per month, it has proven itself to be reputable, reliable and a benefit for any size of company that wants to create a newsletter to share with its target audience.


SquirrelMail is a pure HTML 4.0 rendition without any requirements for JavaScript in order to make it compatible with the wide range of browsers people use. This webmail package is standards-based and written in PHP. With the built in support for IMAP and SMTP, it is much easier to get help with your questions when they come up. The list of requirements in place is very small and the installation and configuration process is extremely easy. Whatever you would expect from a regular e-mail client can be found in the functionality of this platform and you'll also receive access to address books and folder manipulation. For a company or an individual that needs a stable e-mail client, this is a good solution to look into.


poMMO is a great for anyone looking for a mass mailing software program that is unique and has specific beneficial features. These advancements make this particular project very powerful and simple to use at the same time. The addition of the Swift PHP Mailer means that users can keep track of their contacts and create subscriber groups. Once these lists have been created, they can be imported or exported to other applications. You also have control over how the messages are displayed on your screen, as well as the drag-and-drop features to include attachments for your recipients. The flexible mailing management that is in place gives you the greatest amount of control over how and when your customers hear from you.

WebMail Lite

WebMail Lite is a solution for e-mail that can be downloaded right onto your Web servers, allowing you to make whatever code changes you prefer. This free project can be altered, integrated or redistributed by the users without hesitation or penalty. It has been built with rich features in mind and it is supported by HTML5 and CSS3 technology. When you become more familiar with the interface adjustments, you'll see that you can customize everything down to the single sign-on settings. This is a very secure program that will help you stay in touch with your personal or business contacts at any time, from any device.

Webinsta Maillist

When you need a centralized mailing list or want to provide a newsletter to your readers from a small to medium-sized website, Webinsta MailList can be your answer. Powerful yet simple, it offers all the standard subscribe and unsubscribe options. Not only that, but you have support for remote verification, unsubscribe links and attachments that are hosted by other features. With less than three lines of code, the total integration is very simple to do. You can support several databases, including the delete or edit options from a simple centralized control panel. This application looks good and is fun to work with at the same time, offering support and multiple languages. If you would like to provide a professional newsletter to your readers, there are templates included for that as well.


Open Newsletter is an open source web-based solution for sending e-mail newsletters to your existing subscriber list. They can choose from an HMTL version or a text version. The software allows for maintaining of four separate distribution lists for each newsletter. You can also keep track of these subscriber database statistics and use the administrative functions to handle updating, deleting, adding and searching for specific subscribers. The unsubscribe option is very simple as the recipient can simply click on the link at the bottom of the e-mail newsletter. You can also decide to send a newsletter via a web interface.


ccMail uses a WYSIWYG editor and the user has the option to compose using an online HTML editor, so links and other attachments can easily be included. This open, powerful and free manager does not require the user to have any kind of programming knowledge to use. In fact, the multilingual user interface is simple for anyone to take advantage of. This ensures that they will be able to translate your e-mails without difficulty and reply in kind. Scheduling e-mails is also a simple process since you can specify which groups should receive information at what times. If you need to import a mailing list from another platform, you can do so using the tools that are included in this software package. Basically, everything that you would pay for in an expensive or commercial platform is included in this software for free.