Image Galleries


Galley is a software that uses a PHP and database support that must be installed in order to use it. It's a free background running app that you can use once you have an existing website. Then, you'll be able to manage any photos you have posted and share them with your readers accordingly. This program also has security which you can use to secure this material online and make sure it's protected from spammers. As you worth with various communities, this kind of software will let you share your material with different groups according to what level of access they have to your site.


Piwigo is one of the best platforms to share photos on your site and then take advantage of the community resources that are included. When you start using this program, you'll be able to include several albums according to how they should be separated. Tags can also be given to photos so they can be found by search engines appropriately or subscribers on your site. With the variety of themes and plugins that can be applied, you can make your site that much more attractive and appealing. Depending on what your privacy settings are, each photo can have its own group of viewers using this software.


Coppermine comes with a template system that can be customized using defined fields across the site and letting you tag photos appropriately. With membership settings, you can set the privacy settings for each group, keeping items secure and protected. With administrative approval, you can allow users to share their own photos and then display them accordingly, using thumbnails to find what they need. With image rotation and editing, you can share and sell those pictures that are available and give the customer exactly what they are looking for. This is the beginning of using a comprehensive and feature filled software program like Coppermine when it comes to an online presence.


Easy media management is now possible with the software known as ZenPhoto because it gives CMS users a way to manage, tag and share their media in a private setting. If they are offering public memberships, then groups of photos can be shared to specific subscribers and this will let you use the applications included in this program efficiently. When you start looking into the extended features that ZenPhoto offers, you'll appreciate being able to hide the ones you don't need, and only have those visible that are beneficial for the moment. See how you can implement ZenPhoto and have a more exciting site for your visitors.


TinyWebGallery offers a multitude of features that are helpful for anyone who wants to post photos online and share them with subscribers, based on the settings of their membership. When they review the thumbnail images, rotate them as necessary and decide which ones they want to purchase, the process becomes much simpler. You can also have them sorted by name, date, tag category and several other choices. This is all done after you use the upload tool to post them on the site, categorize them in the right folders and accomplish this without the presence of a database, which is not required.


phpAlbum is an open source PHP script where you can create a personal gallery of photos in less than a minute. When you have a web space that uses the required FTP access, you can click and install this software shortly. As it generates thumbnails of each of the photos you have posted, you can use these to share the information with website viewers. This will help them find what they need based on the tags that each photo has attached to it, simplifying the entire process. It also gives users the ability to send e-cards to family members and friends, whether or not you charge for this service.


4images has a simple installation process that gives you access to several customizable templates that all help you represent your files and photos appropriately. These have translations that are ready to use and you can use your extensive user administration to adjust all of these. Since it is extendable to any format, you'll find that the software package helps you no matter what you're working with. The commenting system is also safe, especially when you implement the spam protection that goes along with this platform. The newsletter function is great for staying in touch with readers and subscribers and is free for private use.


Pixelpost is an open source standards compliant fully extensible photoblog web based application that comes with multilingual support. If you have a web presence and want to include photos, this is the software to use. The smooth install assistant allows for quick and easy upgrading when new software releases are ready. With the fancy admin stuff that is available, you can refine each of these sections. New template tags ensure that all your material and content is able to be searched efficiently and simply. With brand new front workspaces that are more powerful, it is an installation that will benefit your entire website.


Plogger is an open source gallery system that is built for the next generation. It's a web application that isn't bloated with unnecessary features or complicated configuration choices. It's a very simple tool that lets you upload images to share with either personal contacts or the public. You can integrate these directly into your website creating an attractive interface using a gallery slideshow. The best part is that it's absolutely free and the installation process is simple too. With smart content, you can make sure you don't have duplicate albums or pictures and that ensures that your readers get the best experience.


iGalerie is a great software tool that gives you effective administration without complicated set up. It's ergonomic, user friendly and filled with clear instructions on how to proceed and set up your albums. With a simple mouse click, you'll design a minimalist gallery that can display your wares, whether they are for personal enjoyment or for purchase by your customers. Read the online documentation and use the included tips for the best results when you are setting up your online photo sharing site. You can also try a demo to see if you like the program before committing to the full version.