Guest Books

Advanced Guestbook

Advanced Guestbook is one of the more powerful PHP-based guestbook script that is being offered. Along with giving you the chance to create random polls, you can also create multiple polls using customized templates. There are unlimited options in terms of how these forms can be customized for your particular needs. Another great benefit is the multiple language support which expands your audience even further. You will appreciate the useful features of this software application includes such as templates, preview, e-mail notification and picture upload, as well as the HTML tags handling, page spanning an advanced guestbook codes with language support.


Lazarus is basically a stronger version of other popular guestbook script applications. When the developer saw the other programs, their goal was to add a few more layers of spam protection in order to protect the content that website owners have worked so hard to publish. With this in mind, they added a few more features, wrote it in PHP and used a MySQL database for storage. This makes sure that your readers are not falling prey to any spam links or using bad links. If you would like to try out the demo version, you can check out the website and download it to see if it lives up to your expectations.


Bellabook is a very simple guestbook script written in PHP and it comes in a small zip file. Actually, another name for the file is flat, and basically that means you don't have to worry about bothering with any complex databases to use the application. With a download price of free, anyone can afford to try out the software and see how well it works with their site. Some of the features it comes equipped with are perfect for online publishing, such as spam word checking and basic flow control to prevent multiple entries at once. There is also the option to include certain optional ‰ÛÏrequired‰Û fields. After you have downloaded and unpacked the zip file, you can look at the rest of the features and see if this is the right application for your page.


phpBook is one of the simpler guestbook programs that is being offered online for free. However, it is written in the stable PHP/MySQL language and you can choose from a variety of language templates to enact after you install it. You will also receive the benefits of a nice interface with a fast and stable code. Also on the list of features is a moderator tool that will allow you to decide which comments to delete and which comments to post. It will be more helpful if you read through the complete documentation about the program before you download it to ensure that it's the right choice for you and your website.

PHPKode Guestbook

PHP Kode Guest users will appreciate the powerful anti-spam protection that has been built into this deceptively simple guestbook script program. This application runs Ajax in the background and also uses the captcha image to prevent spam postings. However, there is an IP ban list that you can utilize from the software in order to prevent the website admins from being named spam. Integrating the software into your existing website is a very simple process as well and will increase the amount of protection your content has at that virtual location. This is a small but very powerful application that you can download for free and start protecting your virtual real estate with.

VX Guestbook

VX Guestbook is perfectly suited to integrate with your current website because not only is it free, but also because it's easy to use after the quick installation process. It comes with a template that you can edit at will and there are also features you can take advantage of that are part of the application. Some of these include administrator validation, a word censor, allowed HTML tags and five custom fields, among others. Not only will this add some character and another level of interaction to your website, but it makes it a unique experience. Once you're able to download the application and install it, you'll find that your site visitors enjoy leaving comments for you to review.


RicarGBook is a free and easy to install guestbook system written in PPP in based on flat files. As the administrator, you will have the control to modify or delete any comments that have been posted from the main control panel. The download process is simple and gives you access to support in multiple languages. You will also be able to review a guestbook error log when you receive e-mail notifications or want to review approval messages. Spam protection and flood protection comes in the form of a captcha and you can also implement the use of a bad word filter as well. Users can choose from a menu of emoticons to make their posts more interesting.