BlackNova Traders

BlackNova Traders is a strategy game that has been out for a while, but has been updated, and it's loosely based on older games like Trade Wars, Galactic War Zone and Ultimate Universe. However, this newer version is multiplayer and web-based. The platform involves space trading, conflict and diplomacy. Although the license has been changed, major bug fixes were added into this new update and there is also some new functionality. The new log system, as well as the anti-cheat measures are great benefits, like the support for multiple languages. Users should appreciate the better trade route functionality and the prevention of negative colonists. There is also a new batch of graphics, layout and an updated environment for game players to participate in.

Shadows Rising

Shadows rising is a RTG browser-based again that has a platform written in capital XHTML code and it is also supported by MySQL/PostgreSQL software. Its core in gin lets players create not only new items, but also new terrain maps and classes and then have those officially added to game modules. The dynamic content of this game has helped earn it a five out of five stars with a 367% referral rating. If you want to donate to the cause, there is a link to do so, as well as a support link if you have questions about the game.

Multiplayer Checkers

Multiplayer checkers is a digital update to the classic game that has been around for many years. Now, instead of playing with the person ran front of you, you can play with multiple online contacts. The installation package that starts all this is very small, lightweight and bug free. However, you can read through the reviews to see what other people have to say about this game. If you're looking for a game that is safe for children and adults alike, consider this as an addition to your mobile device or desktop computer. More people are playing this game every day because of its reliable and simple platform.

Word Search Puzzle

The Word Search Puzzle Game gives developers a chance to customize and have a lot more fun with the game that is already enjoyed across the globe. With this platform, you'll have the ability to customize the templates that compose the length and width of the puzzles, as well as the complexity levels. You can also decide what the coloring and word selecting will look like when used with the word checker. The make safe files that you add to the dictionary will ensure that anything in the puzzle is safe. Once you start customizing, you'll also see that you can easily integrate this word search puzzle into any current application.