Codelgniter is a proven, agile and open PHP web application framework with a small footprint. It is being used to power the next generation of web apps. This software was developed for PHP coders who want a simple and elegant toolkit to create their own full-featured web applications. It provides exceptional performance, clear, thorough documentation and broad compatibility. With next to nothing regarding configuration, this is not for individuals who want to create large-scale monolithic libraries. There are no restrictive coding rules to be concerned with and you don't have to learn the template language. Simple solutions are the rule with this software package allowing you to spend more time away from your computer.


Yii is a framework that is written in PHP is a high performance solution. Typically, this software works best for builders that are working on Web 2.0 applications. The rich features that this program includes are authentication, role-based access control and caching. You also have the tools to implement scaffolding and testing, while reducing your development time significantly. It has been explicitly designed to work efficiently with Ajax and knows how to load the features you need right away. This software also comes standard with security that includes output filtering, input validation and cross site scripting prevention. When you implement and download this fast, secure and professional PHP framework, your website will perform much more efficiently.


Laravel helps you command your data by giving you a full toolbox, especially developed for web developers who want to create something elegant. Not only does this software contained beautiful templates that you can customize, but it is set up to prepare your site for the next generation of web applications. The software has been developed using a proven foundation with reliable code that has been well tested. An amazing tool for users to manage third-party packages is called Composer and has been included as well. You'll find plenty of answers to your questions with the community of fellow users who have familiarized themselves with this program. You can also make use of the restful routing when it comes to building amazing applications with this software package. For a PHP framework that is going to improve the overall where is your website, check out this software package.


Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It makes front in the web development faster and easier and it's made for people of all skill levels. Devices of all shapes and projects of all sizes can be accommodated by this software application. It also ships with Vanilla CSS, but its source code utilizes the two most popular CSS preprocessors. By using a single code base, it efficiently scales your websites and applications from phones to tablets to desktops. You also get extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML elements.


Zend is perfect for any developer who wants to improve the productivity, development and application quality on their website. This software helps them write better code and solve issues long before it reaches production. It also automates all the steps in the release of PHP applications, including provisioning, versioning and rollback. This program will help you release applications faster and more reliably. It optimizes performance through dynamics scaling, code acceleration, code and data caching, job queuing and more. This will accelerate the pace of application innovation in your organization. You will also be able to effortlessly scale to handle changes in demand.


CakePHP comes with a full set of conventions to help you plan out the development of your application. It is perfect for commercial applications because of its status under the MIT license. Not only will this program help you build web applications simpler, faster and with less code, but you don't have to learn any complicated YAML or XML files. Just make sure the database is up and running. The tools you're looking for are already built in and they will help you with translations, database access, caching, authentication and more. As one of the original PHP MVC frameworks, you'll get the benefit of input validation, CSRF protection and much more to increase the efficiency of your website.


Kohana is a HMVC PHP5 framework with an elegant set up that gives the developers a rich set of components to work with to build web applications. In fact, most of the common components that are required to build applications fast are already included. There are specific libraries and tools in order to help you extend existing components. The framework itself works very quickly in order to accommodate real-world daily usage. Debugging and profiling tools that work simply and effectively are part of this software package as well and will ensure that your performance issues get solved quickly. Coders who have knowledge of this area will appreciate the opportunity to write their own code without worrying about code generators.


Smarty is a template manager that you can use for PHP frameworks. The demo is available online and is perfect to try when you want to add a manageable way to separate application logic and content from the presentation of your site. As a template designer using this package, you will have the ability to edit your templates and use a combination of HTML tags and template tags to map the way various elements are presented on the web page. This software reads the PHP scripts on your templates and parses them like they should be. You don't have to worry about making manual compilation template changes anymore.


PHPDevShell is a lightweight, highly modular scalable plug-in-based code management PHP framework. This can often bring you an instant web application with admin functionality and the user interface. All of this is packaged under open source for your next big project. You'll have easy plug-in based projects and freedom to choose how to use them. You can extend existing projects with ease. Tools also exist to help with extremely powerful skinning, theming and structuring. After you follow the five minute tutorial, you'll be up and running creating your next web project, so download the demo version and see if you like the way it works.


FuelPHP and the idea behind it is that it's a PHP framework that is not just community driven but also simple and flexible to work with. That means they took the best of other frameworks and started there, rather than making it a destination. The documentation covers additional guides, as well as the API. It offers full support for HMVC as the architecture and also includes a layer between the view and the controller. By using a more router-based approach, the user has greater control over the execution of applications. In order to make this piece of software the best it can be, consider donating to the project and team online through their website.

HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier is written in PHP and is standards compliant while operating as an HTML filter library. Not only will you be able to completely remove all malicious code using a thoroughly audited, security in the form of a permissive white list, but you will ensure that your documents are all standards compliant as well. When you need a high quality, open source component for an application you're trying to build that is also standards compliant, consider using HTML Purifier. The download is quick and easy in the form of a zip file which you can use to get started immediately. Your readers can then relax knowing they are visiting a safe page as they interact with your various applications.


Symfony is a conglomeration of the stable foundation on which the best PHP applications are built. As a user, you'll have access to 29 standalone components that you can choose between and these are reusable. Part of the software also allows you to have access to a PHP framework for web projects. Now, you'll be able to work quicker on both the creative and the maintenance of your other applications. Repetitive coding can be fully eliminated. Behind this software is a huge group of fans who are committed to making it even better and the software developer's philosophy embraces professionalism, standardization, best practices and interoperability of applications.


PRADO is a free software you can download that is component-based and event driven. This programming framework helps users develop web applications in PHP. As long as you have a Web server that supports PHP five or higher, you can run this software to complete projects of your choice, either open-source or commercial. Even without a complete understanding of how to build a web application starting from the beginning, this software will be helpful and show you what the steps are. After you take the quick tutorial, you'll also understand how to use the controls within the program. It's very simple to download the demo version and see if this is the right program for your web application needs.


Ulkit is being modular front end framework that is lightweight and perfect for developing powerful and fast web interfaces. You can view the comprehensive collection of CSS, JS and HTML components after downloading, and these are simple to use, extensible and easy to customize. This software was developed using less code, but more structured and extendable code, because this is easier to maintain. The small, responsive components collection that uses consistent and conflict free naming conventions also improves the efficiency of this software. You can extend the basic style using various themes and customizing it to create your own look.


Webasyst is a tool that works in a web browser, and the user only needs a device and an Internet connection to use it. It helps teams work together to collaborate online creating stores or websites. This software package includes a collaboration platform, an e-commerce tool and combined site building tools all in one convenient package. These tools can be used in an open source PHP framework or as a cloud-based solution. You'll have access to items like a blog, photo sharing, mailers, a help desk and others. When you use this software tool to share your data and create a business website online, you can also manage several of your team stores.


WideImage is an object oriented library for image manipulation. It requires PHP with a particular extension to use. It also provides a simple way to load, manipulate and save images in the most common image formats. While working on an online store or personal site, you may need to change images in order to use them effectively. This software package will help you get that done in a shorter amount of time. It's also free to download which means you're not spending unnecessary funds on the tool. This open source PHP library can be used by anyone with or without coding knowledge.


DIY is a comprehensive content management system that any user can take advantage of. It builds a portal for customers and clients, whether you're using it for personal or business reasons. As long as you have right PHP framework, you can use the many extensions that are enabled and can be installed. The user-friendly interface comes with plenty of preinstalled modules and apps. It also allows you to customize your e-mail set up and easily change the theme. If you choose to use the blog module, you can create content and use the support of the strong community support any time you have questions or concerns.