phpBB is a well priced (free) open source software solution that comes with a highly customizable bulletin board package. The interface is very user friendly with a straightforward approach to customizing the details for each page. Frequently asked questions are very helpful and lets you work with your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL and Access/ODBC database servers. It's the ideal solution at the right price for anyone to start a community online and share information their readers are looking for. There is a demo you can try before you commit to using the system and this might be a good first option.


When you're looking for a professional yet free solution to your online blogging needs, SMF should be on your research list. Here you will find a powerful, elegant and effective toolbox complete with all the features you need to create an engaging site. This community software is based on next generation needs, but it doesn't draw from your resources excessively slowing everything down. More individuals are seeking a software solution like this to start creating an online presence and get the most results for their efforts. Try a demo before you commit to the full system if you want a more in depth look of how it works.


MyBB is a free forum package that is both powerful and efficient and it works with MySQL and PHP languages. It was originally designed with the idea that the end users should not have to work so hard to get the right results. Your subscribers will also enjoy the same type of experience, especially when you have taken the time to customize each template and form. When discussions happen between readers, you'll have full control over that layout as well, providing a more engaging and interactive experience. Using a tool like this will ensure that your site gets more traffic and you reach your online goals that much faster.


AEF has all the tools to help you build a website that is going to be creative and epic in its design. It will reflect the message you want to share with your readers using custom development tools. With a responsive site like this, you'll have readers accessing it from mobile devices and desktop computers alike. Since every post and page will be optimized, the search engines are going to locate your content more easily. The integrated social media tools ensure that your posts are going to be shared more often by a higher quality of site visitor. This is just a portion of what AEF can do for your next website.


Vanilla CMS was really developed with a different train of thought than other platforms, and it's free price means that users can download it, alter it and make it truly the system they are looking for. It's PHP/MySQL language is open source and it really focuses on discussions and interactions between subscribers. This ensures that you don't have to spend all your time monitoring these conversations and everyone gets what they need faster with saved search results. After the developers decided what wasn't working for other platforms, they developed something for the end user that included only the positive tools.


PunBB is a discussion board that operates quickly is very lightweight, so it doesn't take up a lot of resources. Released under the General Public License, the developers had a goal to make it smaller, less graphically intense and faster than other platforms. While the number of features that are included are less than other similar programs, it gives you the capability to produce content faster and have it online ready for viewing. It uses XHTML compliant pages, so you can post it at a variety of locations, which is another main benefit users look for. Try the demo before you use the full version if you want to see how it's going to work for you.


With XMB, you're getting a lightweight version of a PHP forum software that can set up your website not just for customer interaction, but also e-commerce. This site program has all the features you need to begin growing an online community with your site at the hub. Along the way, you'll have excellent support in the form of documentation and support from the developers, so your website will by fully customized and enhanced. The best way to begin is to start with the demo version, so you can try out the basic features and see what would be added when you install the full version of the software.


FluxBB was released as a solution for users who weren't looking for every single feature on the market, but rather just the basics to get established with an online presence. This is a fast open source forum application that helps you get content published, but may not offer items like trackbacks and other features that aren't determined to be necessary. It is lightweight meaning that it won't demand a lot of your resources and it does have a high level of function. If you're looking for a PHP that was released under the General Public License just to get some basic work done, this might be your answer.


Phorum is one of the original forms of PHP and MySQL forum software that was developed with both function and performance in mind. Using message boards, you can connect with your readers and have them enjoy interaction at the same time. If you have a larger audience, there is a way to customize your site to handle this traffic. The design elements can be changed as well, since each of the templates have been designed in pure HTML, allowing for changes by experienced code writers. The flexible hook and module system is great for setting up authentication measures and storing information about your readers.


bbPress is the unique forum software that offers its users a twist. You now have the capability to set up discussion forums inside your Wordpress powered site. It's easy to set up, easy to moderate and fast and clean in appearance. There is one central account with a unified administrative area and a simple one-click install. It also gives you the capability to divide your site into different sections and create content for each one specifically. This kind of software is a one step process for creating, managing and growing your online community while integrating that with your current Wordpress site.


FUDForum offers database abstraction with drivers that work for MySQL, PostgrSQL and SQLite, as well as Captcha spam protection. With the built-in search engine, it will be much easier for individuals and readers to find what they need. When you deploy this software onto your site, you'll have the capability to work with unlimited numbers of members, forums, posts, threads and polls which will dramatically increase the interaction you create with subscribers. The custom profile fields will help them become a more integrated part of your website and encourage them to share with others. This is the best kind of software to have running on your site and will make the investment worth it.


The use of MiniBB givers users a chance to start introducing themselves via a standalone open source forum where they can customize everything from the templates that are used to the membership systems that readers can take advantage of. It's free to download which means that everyone can afford it and it also works at a higher speed than other platforms. Attaching a message board to your existing website can also be done when this program is downloaded and installed, and you can use the live community to get answers to your various questions. See how miniBB can help you create an online presence that is more efficient and responsive.