File Management


ownCloud is software where you have the ability to not just view your calendar, contacts and more, but also to sync and share those files with contacts that you specify. Your data will be accessible from all devices because you're using an open platform that can be extended and modified. Your data is always under your control because it up to you who sees what and for what time length. You'll be able to access it from a web browser just as simply as you would your cell phone or your tablet. Apps can be added through the use of external storage or you can add your own code because it's an open source file.


ProjectSend is a self hosted application that you can install easily on your own VPS or shared web hosting account. You can upload files and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself. This transmission is secure, private and easy. You do not have to depend on external services or e-mail to send those files any longer. This software was made in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store the information. As long as your server has these recommended settings, the software should run without any issues. Download your copy today and see how it works with your contact list and how much easier it makes things.


PHPfileNavigator in the state of the art, open source web-based application to completely manage or folders and files. It provides a powerful, reliable and easy Web file management with plenty of cool features. It is easy to install and configure, and you can control your files and folders just as easily as in your hard drive as you can with access all over the net. This software program also lets you add text to the administrators group name, as well as added time and memory control in the installer. The latest release fixed some language mistakes and other errors. You also have the capability to search in this folder and its subfolders. Find out what you need in a file management software package and try this out.


Pydio is a software program that allows you to instantly turn in a server into a powerful filesharing platform. Not only do you gain complete control of your information, along with additional privacy, but you reduce your costs and empower your users. This program instantly connects to your existing user directories and its plug-in oriented architecture makes it ready for any and all situations. You can add advanced customizations depending on the plug-ins you install, but these can be evaluated after you start using the basic version of the program. This is why you should do some more research after you use it for a few days.


eXtplorer is a web-based file manager. You can use it to browse directories and files on the server and added, copy, move and delete files. You also have the option to search, upload and download files. Basically, this gives you the power to create and extract archives, as well as create new files and directories. As the admin, you'll be able to change file permissions and much more. When you use this software to login to the FTP server, you can work as if you were a client. This has been released under a dual license, but either way you get to use it for free. That means that you get one more business tool in your toolbox without having to invest additional money into this PHP and JavaScript based file manager.


Arfooo is a powerful free and open source directory script. This script includes many customizable features that are available with a single click. With the new features, the user can create directories without asking link in submission form. All types of directories can be created quickly and easily. This particular script is developed and designed by a professional of SEO and integrated architecture with function specifically dedicated to help you optimize your directory in every detail. The language and template system is also easy to understand, with unlimited categories and subcategories. It is simple to display the address, phone, fax and other information coupled with Google maps that applies to each of these files.


LetoDMS is a document management system that is offered in an open source format and uses the MySQL and PHP systems. It will work like a usual file system, letting you store any kind of binary data. Some of these features extend the normal capabilities of a file system. There is also the option to save older versions of data so that it can be recalled if necessary. If you would like to attach meta data to each document in order to make future searches faster, this is a possibility as well. A strong security mechanism and easy access with permission makes every file protected and safe.


eSyndiCat is an affordable PHP script that gives you professional results. With its highly customizable features and numerous capabilities, this brings a whole new meaning to standards compliant interface. Not only does it make work easy for the webmaster when it's time to create a profitably bidding directory, but the automated system also decreases the work for advertisers as well. It lets them submit links and upgrade their link bid options at any time. This software gives the user access to a comprehensive online directory that doesn't require a large bank of technical knowledge. If you're looking for free software in order to make your site more SEO friendly, this is the package to download.


OpenDocMan was developed and distributed under the open code license, which means that users who download it have the right to modify the code however they want. In terms of document management, this is a free web-based system that allows you to integrate your company's current rules regarding document management and not have to change them. This software supports multiple file types and lets you focus on the work that needs to be done, rather than how you can accommodate this program. It is written in PHP language so that is compatible with nearly every other software program that is already in use in your office.