Vtiger is the most powerful open source CRM solution available with more than 3 million downloads to date. It was built using an Apache Web server with a MySQL database and a PHP license. The license that it was published under allows anyone to use it for free as well as the following add-ons: the Outlook plug-in, the Thunderbird extension, the office plug-in and the customer portal. This application is highly secure protecting the data against physical attack, corruption and loss, and intrusion and interception. If there is hardward failure, there are redundant copies of the customer data stored on-site for quick recovery.


SugarCRM is a completely transformed, individualized CRM user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive. Not only does it fuse the straightforward simplicity, mobility and social aspects of the consumer apps, but also the business process optimization of conventional CRM. There are no hidden fees or forced upgrades for the companies that take advantage of their clear and simple price. At the price point they offer, companies can afford to put the software in the hands of all customer facing employees. This is a complete solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes with a focus on the individual.


Dolibarr is an open source and free software designed for small companies, foundations and even freelancers. This is simple to install and use as a standalone application or online. You can also find the system ready to use with cloud services. This modern CRM is easy to use web software so that business owners can manage their entire company from one location. Items can include orders, products, invoices, contacts, agenda, e-mailing, and even stocks. There is of course more to it, but this is a clear picture of how this one software application can streamline your daily responsibilities and customer activities.


OrangeHRM is a free program and open source download that could solve many of your current HR problems and do so without creating another invoice to pay. Currently, millions of individuals use this rich and intuitive software to provide an essential aid to their management platform, along with the free documentation and access to a broad community of users to them. Not only does this software come in both free and paid versions, but it offers you the flexibility and freedom you need in your business. The process to download the application is very simple and you can start using it with absolutely no cost or limitations. Its open source system has a full array of modules in one application that will meet all your main HR requirements.


FrontAccounting is perfect for breaking down the cost of doing business by region, department and each transaction. In fact, this information can be very detailed when you look at the transaction lines, as each have their own memos and complete vouchers. If your team is working from different locations, these notes can be valuable. The databases that hold this information can be anywhere in the world and yet be reached from everywhere. This software is set up to handle purchase orders, payments, accounts payable, allocations and so much more. It's an incredible accounting system for small companies based on a simple yet powerful system for the entire capital chain.


EPESI is an open source, free CRM and PHP/Ajax framework that was developed to provide a set of tools for rapid development of database driven web applications. These were meant to manage business information quickly and simply. Its main purpose is to store, organize, link and share data easily between people within a single company or organization. Not only does it make this process efficient, but it uses tools that are not typically included in this process, such as e-mail or spreadsheet. It will also have the capability to organize customer data, help with managing tasks like meetings and other activities, and can be easily extended with multiple functionalities.


EGroupware is an incredibly feature-rich groupware application that is also most flexible and customizable. One reason is because of its e-template rendering engine that allows you to rearrange the existing fields and add custom fields in all applications without touching the PHP code. You can also link entries from one application to another and attach files as well. Administrative controls allow for new preferences to be set for groups or users, including access rights management. An active directory integration for Windows domains also makes this a beneficial tool.If you're looking for an application to make your groupware more effective, this is an excellent place to begin.

Tine 2.0

Tine 2.0 gives you access to your data at all times, everywhere. This web-based groupware with CRM and time tracking is one platform that's available everywhere you have connection. It combines classical e-mail and calendar functions, as well as specific applications. With the features that are included, management of tasks and contacts became easier for a wide range of users. Complex work procedures were also simplified with time tracking. This program uses a modular architecture with an open structure. It is web based, meaning that you can access it from any device, and the location of your office does not really matter when your information is centrally located.


Zurmo is one of those rare CRM applications that has been updated to be social, mobile and gamified. By using a test driven methodology for the entire application during the building process, users now have the assurance that they can create and maintain a custom-built customer relationship management system and not worry that future updates are going to crash their current installation. There is also the benefit of the activity management, reporting, contact management and gamification. Product management and marketing automation are also included, as well as the ability to customize every template and page, and this is just part of why this software is so helpful.

Group Office

Group Office is an enterprise CRM and groupware tool. You will have the ability to share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with coworkers and clients. This application is easy to use and fully customizable. Some of the included features for the basic version of Group Office are the e-mails, calendars, file sharing capabilities, the address book, tasks list, notes and newsletters. The professional version gives you access to a help desk, time tracking, mobile sync capabilities, projects and even document editing. You can also choose from separate add-ons like document searches and billing. If you need a custom feature, you are welcome to let them know to see if they are going to offer it.


X2 CRM is a fast, flexible and compact application that is incredible for helping people track their every day activities and monitoring events that have already occurred. For example, there is the publisher widget and the action history chart. The action history chart is incredibly beneficial since it allows you to see your previous interactions with client, and evaluate those using different charts. The publisher widget gives you the ability to quickly log your calls and add comments at the same time. You can also assign actions and create calendar events to share with others, and this will help your team work together.


Web ERP is a business management system and a web-based accounting application that only requires the user to have a web browser and a PDF reader. It comes equipped with a full range of features that is suitable for nearly any business, but especially those companies who work in the distribution, wholesale and manufacturing arenas. This particular application is open source and available to be downloaded for free, so the user can research the PHP code written specifically about the features they use the most. Right now, this application can support 33 different language translations, but this will likely improve as time goes by.

OpenBiz Cubi

OpenBiz Cubi Platform software gives its users not just a fine-tuned UI, but also rich reusable components. The results of using this software are faster speeds with data-driven enterprise applications and development. While the developers were creating this application, they focused on end-user details, allowing the user to focus on a higher quality product that they can present to their customer. Some of the main features that attract users to this software include the solid framework, rich components, cool user interface and easy configuration. The open source license allows individuals who do have coding experience to alter and revise the code in whatever ways they see fit.


SuiteCRM is an up-and-coming software application that promises to be a huge hit with business owners who put it into action. The long list of features and services that this software application aims to provide is ambitious and yet could become the one-stop shop everyone is looking for. If you would like to help this campaign get off the ground so we can see a final finish product, you can donate to their kick starter campaign after reading through the documentation online. The developers are working hard to help business owners manage their companies more effectively by giving them the tools they need in a convenient form.