OpenCart is the perfect solution for somebody brand-new to e-commerce and who wants to open a store online quickly. This software is set up for a quick and easy install, from which you can register your account and be live on the web in just a short time. There are hundreds of high end e-commerce themes for you to design your store with and lay out the pages. The shopping cart is also user friendly, making it easy for the customer and yourself to understand. When you login to your administrative dashboard, you'll see that it's an intuitive interface that leads you step-by-step through it needs to be done. There is also the option to select various payment types so that you can work with any type of online electronic payment.


PrestaShop is an incredible e-commerce software package that is not only free but packed with features. Along with the shipping, payment and security options that are included, you can set up everything from your catalog to your product displays. This makes it simple even for the beginner to have an online store in minutes without investing any additional money. Start using the analytics and reporting to see which pages are doing the best in your store and getting the most attention. This will help you improve the site's overall performance and make sure you get as many sales as possible.


AbanteCart is the ideal open source e-commerce solution for those who are brand-new to a virtual store. Not only can you see a live demo online, but you'll learn how you can use their support to create the best work possible. And easy to use shopping cart, extensions to make your store more user-friendly, and a variety of payment types I'll give you the tools you need to attract customers and serve them well. The free download means that you're not investing any money into the software itself, allowing you to make a profit sooner. You'll get the benefit of an expandable shopping cart application with even more extensions. You also control everything from the control panel section in your back office.


WHMCS offers the ultimate software package in hands-free automation when it comes to account provisioning to domain management to e-mail reminders and more. All of these templates are fully customizable with modular extensibility, hooks and API to make integrating easy. Domain management is no longer a problem since you can buy, transfer, renew and manage everything in real time without ever leaving your site. There are also built-in support tools for announcements, knowledge-based and featured support ticket system. If you would like to try the software online before you download your own copy, you can take a free online demo.


Magento is an open source software that is free to download and backed up by community-based support. It's owned by eBay and it has thousands of extensions that work with its enterprise class features. Not only is it flexible to meet your specific and unique needs, but it's scalable to grow with you as you expand. You'll be able to custom tailor backend workflows, use open architecture and create rich and unique desktop to mobile consumer experiences. Behind you, you'll have a global network of partners and certified developers constantly working to make sure your software has the best support.


osCommerce gives you the tools you need to set up your very own complete and self hosted online store or website for free with over 7000 extras. You will securely be able to sell products and services to customers worldwide, all while having complete access to and total control of your online store and data. There are over 12,000 registered sites and over 1 million forum postings, so you're guaranteed to find answers to whatever questions you may have. The add-ons that number over 7000 are free to use and customize for your particular store needs. Take a look at who is online right now to see if you have any other questions.

Loaded 7

Loaded 7 is an e-commerce platform that was developed specifically for mobile devices. Not only will this be easy to share on social networks, but that's what it was made for. Your customers will be able to shop with your online store in less than 30 seconds when you sign up for your account. As you download the software, remember that it's free and open source so you can customize it however you wish. The platform currently is very mobile responsive from front to back and gives you reliable check out options for mobile payments. When you break into the mobile e-commerce, you give your business a huge chance to grow and be profitable.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart offers everything you want when it comes to software package for e-commerce. It's free, it's open source and it's customizable so it is extremely user-friendly. Built for your shopping cart by like-minded shop owners, this software package does not focus on anything but the shoppers and merchants requirements as a priority. You can modify the source code in whatever ways your application needs, but you can start accepting payments right away once you have downloaded and installed the program. You can also use it in conjunction with whatever hosting service you currently have. For those users for whom it is very important to keep your own domain name, this is possible as well.


With TheHostingTool, not only do you get a 100% free and open source program, but it is fully compatible with cpanel controls. There is also a client control panel where they can check their monthly forum posts, edit their profile details and check for announcements. Besides that, this software package has relatively frequent updates and growing community support, so you always have a place to get answers to your questions. Whether you want automation for signups, checking on monthly posts, suspensions or terminations, this software package provides it all and does it for free. Check out the demo version and see how you can benefit from these tools.


TomatoCart is an open source shopping solution that is designed for digital devices. This will give your customer a great experience because they are using the bootstrap responsive CSS framework even though they don't realize it. It's also compatible with most of the popular browsers, to which you can add a multi-level drop down menu. If you have new products you want to feature, you can do so using a New and Featured Banner to highlight them for viewers. With this software running in the background, your online store is going to operate more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.


BoxBilling is the best kind of free billing and client management software since it will manage your accounts when they are overdue or ignored by the customer. Rather than allow that customer to continue shopping with you, it will automatically suspend the account that is overdue. When a specified amount of time has passed, it will actually terminate that account. This software package will also automatically create hosting accounts as soon as the payment is received. It's capable of working with multiple currencies, and is able to accept both one-time and recurring payments. You can use boxed billing just for issuing invoices for your clients without any products that up as well.


Avactis is easy software to choose because not only is it easy to customize your entire store with, but it's easy to use overall. It's an all-in-one solution for retail, mobile, digital, and even physical products. It's also equipped with all the extensions and themes you need or want. You can use the design editor, the custom tags and short code features to customize your entire store. Search engine friendly URLs, tags and multilanguage features ensure that your link is going to come up when they search for your products or services. It also offers a fully hosted online shopping cart where they can enjoy quick credit card transactions and even with PayPal.


Quick Cart is a high quality software package that will create easy to read source code for your website shopping cart. The installation process only takes one minute and you don't have to have any special operating systems in the background. For example, you do not have to change or RAM settings and it runs on a PHP background platform. If you would like to watch an online demo version, this is available for free at any time, along with screenshots of the shopping cart. When you have downloaded the software and equipped your website with the correct code, you will have the best e-commerce software working for you 24 hours a day.


LiteCart was developed with PHP, HTML 5 and jQuery. That means that it is easy to navigate, has a clear user interface that is easy to understand and even reduces the number of mouse clicks you need to follow through with in order to get things done. With its modern design innovative features, this makes your store more attractive to customers so they are likely to stick around and continue shopping. With the plug-and-play applications, your modern interface brings an online shopping experience that will be more exciting for your site visitors. When you're setting up your online catalogue and shopping cart, this is an efficient process in a secure environment, so customers can complete their transactions without worrying about their personal information.


SimpleInvoices is a free web-based invoicing software developed by the community, for the community. It's open source and that means you can install it on your server or PC or have it hosted by one of their service providers. You should consider this as an option because it's absolutely free with no monthly subscription. It's also a browser-based application you can use from anywhere, including mobile devices. With this program, you can easily track your finances, send invoices as PDF files and use hundreds of other great features. If and when you have questions, you can consult with the community of users who are familiar with this program and they can give you answers.


CubeCart automatically gives you search engine optimization, which means that all of your search engine friendly URLs are going to increase your store's exposure. There are also code hooks which give you complete flexibility and the option to scale your store as your business increases. When you want to review sales reports, this is data on demand using this software application. You can create custom sales reports and then export that information to whatever program you prefer. This application also includes an intuitive control panel from which you can see real-time sales statistics as well as important administrative notifications. There is a 30 day review period before you need to buy the full version if you wish to see how it's going to work for your company.


AlegroCart gives its users the option to use multiple image display modes. You can also set up product downloads for your customers so they have instant gratification. Coupon discounts can also be set up when you are able to configure your shopping cart. In fact, if you use the one click currency updater, your customers can automatically see what the price is going to be in their local currency. Along with these benefits, you'll also see that you can choose from several styles and customize each template individually. This modular design means that you can insert modules as you wish on the various pages. When you're done with the software, you'll have a completely custom store that is up and running on the web.


phpCoin is software that used to be reserved for online resellers only. However, this has recently changed and now it's available to thousands of people worldwide. Using this on regular systems require that they have a PHP system of version 4.1 or higher. They must also be running a MySQL background platform. It easily allows them to install and start using this free software package. If you want to get rid of the trademark language that appears on the screen, you must purchase a license to do so. Otherwise this will be a part of your website publishing. Consider using one of the free themes and translations that are offered if you want to offer your site visitors a unique experience.


When you're looking for some background systems for your website, Axis should be high on your priority list. This XML protocol consists of three parts that all work to make the backend of your website works much more smoothly. First of all, there is an envelope that defines a framework for messages and how they are processed. Next, there is a set of encoding rules which determines how data application types are handled. Finally, there is a convention for representing all your remote responses in procedure calls. Secure and stable websites have this system running in the background so that customers and users alike have a much better experience.

Open Source Point of Sale

The Open Source Point of Sale specifically is meant for data storage and is used on most websites for you can complete any kind of transactions. In the background, these websites are usually running the MySQL support system. This program is offered free of charge for downloads so that website owners or programmers can revise your website and make it more effective and efficient. If you are going to change this code, which you can legally because it's free and open source, you are then free to redistribute and share that information with others. This is why more people are looking into this as an option before they complete any transactions.


CS-Cart is the best shopping cart solution for building an e-commerce website of any size. Whether you want to begin a small web store or a large virtual shopping mall, this can support many payment and shipping options. It can also give you full inventory control, unlimited products, promotional tools and other e-commerce software features right from the box. With its search engine friendly environment, you're going to be able to use customizable tags, friendly URLs and a Google site map to locate your website found much faster. Use this customizable PHP software to start completing transactions online and allow customers to get to know your store environment.

Open eShop

Open eShop was developed with HTML 5 in mind so that users could use the latest technology and mobile ready devices to sell their digital goods and other services. Once you have set up your hosting account, this occurs within minutes and your live and up and running. The fact that it's free and available for modifications makes it more attractive to those who are familiar with code developing. If you want to accept a variety of payments, this software is able to accept anything from PayPal to credit cards to BitCoin. Customers who need more assistance can create support tickets and you can respond to them in order. You might also choose to accept discount coupons and these can be set up through your system so they are easily accepted as well.


Blesta is a new billing software platform for hosting providers. It is a gorgeous responsive bootstrap order form and client area that is available through a simple and quick download. Client management can now be done in one place entirely. There are profile pages that take management to whole new level, giving the administrative agent a quick and simple overview of the client and quick access to all the related tasks. With automated billing, your invoicing, service provisioning and suspension, payment processing, payment reminders, backups and more all become much easier. There is also a support system in place so the client can open a ticket if they run into a problem.


Zeuscart is an open source, PHP/MySQL based shopping cart software. The main goal of this software is to improve the overall usability by introducing a rich user interface. These designers focused on the Web 2.0 trends and other engineering basics in order to produce a new generation of shopping cart software applications. Mainly, this was designed to help these small to medium scale store operators and cater to all their needs. This includes inventory management, driven product catalog, category management, in-built CMS, and SEO friendly URLs and much more. It can also work with their gift cards, discounts, taxation and tier pricing. E-mail templates, newsletters and more can be assembled using the same application.


ClientExec gives you the ability to manage simple online invoicing and reporting. This is perfect for small to midsized businesses who want to stop using spreadsheets and other unnecessary documents. It also allows you to create coupons with a variety of options to choose from, including percentage or a fixed amount. You can share these discounts with your current customers as a loyalty appreciation or compensation. Basically, this software allows you to set it once and forget about it. Subscription payments are also much easier with this software running in the background, processing your PayPal or other CC merchant services.

Thelia 2

Thelia 2 not only uses the most functional popular tools, but it's integrated and uses the standard HTML 5 provided as a background operating system. This automatically brings a whole new level of efficiency to your company since it is getting you prepared for the next generation of e-commerce. What was developed, it was in accordance with the web development standards, focusing on performance and scalability. This application gives merchants of the opportunity to improve the management of their own business from front to back. It also affects their sales and turnover rate positively. Working with an ergonomic software application like this gives your business a higher chance of success.


SEOTOASTER is a free and open source e-commerce website builder. It is easy to use, easy to build and easier to create a higher quality of SCO and scalability with your e-commerce site. Multisite owners will discover that not only can they deploy websites locally, but they can also get them from a single interface in the cloud. As you start using the software, you'll find that your existing designs are fully editable in a short amount of time. It will help you increase your margins and distinguish yourself from the competition, as this software helps you deliver world-class SEO to your customers. The CMS has a tight core, and this is based in MySQL 5, Zend and PHP 5.


Shopware is an innovative and advanced technology offering users comprehensive services in order to make their e-commerce markets more profitable. This is flexible and powerful and comes with over 1,300 plug-ins certified by over 350 developers. Not only can you download this application for free, but you'll discover that it helps you quickly and easily create your online shop. Widely used as an e-commerce tool in the European market, it's available in four different editions. That means you can download your copy today for free and get started on the profitable side of business. This is what happens when you research the right tools for your needs.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja helps you send professional invoices in order to receive online payments. There is a gateway credit card processor that you can choose to make this very simple, including the use of PayPal. Your edited invoice can be previewed live so you'll have a clear view of what the PDF file will look like when it arrives in your customer's hands. This open source code is free and able to be edited at any time in order to fit with your website's needs. Using this application for your plan, you can send up to 500 and invoices a month without paying any additional subscription fees.