DB Tools


SIDU keeps databases from being a problem when working on them because this software looks more like database front end software rather than a webpage. It's actually a professional database tool that is free to download and run on several different platforms, including the ever popular MySQL. This works in a web browser and it's intuitive, simple and has a very easy to understand database admin tool. Basically, the only work you have to do is to get the software copy to your website and it will run without any setup after that. Because the software is written in PHP, it's going to work well with all the popular browsers.


phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. It supports a wide range of operations on MySQL, MarisDB and Drizzle. Frequently used operations can be performed using the user interface while you have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement. It comes with a wide range of documentation and users are encouraged to share the wiki pages to share ideas and tips for various operations. It is being translated into 72 different languages and support both LTR and RTL languages. You can download this free full-featured database manager in no time to start using its benefits.


MyWebSQL is fast, efficient and interactive, and is actually the ultimate desktop replacement for managing your MySQL databases. With interfaces that work just like your favorite desktop applications, there is no need to keep switching over webpages to get things done. Once you login to your database and manage it, it's the same as working on your desktop. Downloading and unpacking the file is all it takes to get started, and you can store it in the folder of your choice. As long as you have a web server with PHP installed, no variables have to be changed before you can start using it.


Database management is even easier with Adminer since it allows you to have full management capabilities using a single PHP file. Menus inside the program allow you to work with indexes, foreign keys or triggers of table. You'll also have the capability to change any fields, including names and other portions. It's possible to list current records, insert new records, and work with any other data type, since this software supports them. With the in-program tools, you'll be able to execute an SQL command from a file or text field. Individual user rights can be also be viewed and edited on the spot. This kind of full management makes handling databases their viewers much more efficient.


SQLiteManager is a powerful database management system for SQLite databases. Not only does it combined an easy-to-use interface with blazing speed but it also gives you advanced features to work with. You'll be able to use a wide range of SQLite 3 databases, in memory databases, encrypted databases and also server databases. Basic operations such as creating and browsing tables, viewing reports, triggers and indexes can all be done using the very powerful GUI. This scripting language is flexible enough to let reports be generated or interaction with SQLite databases in any way imaginable, and that is why more professionals are using it.


Chive is a web based data management software that has an elaborate interface that is fun to use. Whenever you need to find something, you are going to focus on your keyboard quick search text box. This tool is designed to make this regular work a little more fun for the database manager. If you need to navigate somewhere, you can simply click on the box and use the arrow keys from that point. The administration of tables, procedures and datasets are easy to understand and make the process much simpler. Syntax editors also help you mark changes since you can use colored accentuation to mark noted areas.


Vty is a very small database manager script written in PHP. This web-based software was written for MySQL and is only one file. It allows you to connect to MySQL and see all of your tables and databases. The only work you have to do at first is to upload that one file to your server and you'll be able to manage your databases from that point. There are no other folders or files to worry about after that and this software is free to use under the open source license. This is an ever-changing file though, as it's being updated, so keep in mind there might be some errors in it. You are always free to contact the developers though with any questions.


RockMongo is a PHP administrator tool written in PHP five. This is an open source file that runs fast and is easy to install. It also supports several languages and everyone can develop their own plug-in. You can customize the themes easily for your personal use or your company. You can use it for multiple hosts and one host can have multiple administrators. There is also the benefit of password protection so your content and material is secure. User management and profiling on the database portion is simple to use and understand, as well as explain to your team members. There is also an advanced query and explain tool that will help you move through the data in a much more efficient manner.


phpLiteAdmin is a web-based SQLite database admin tool written in PHP with support for SQLite3 and SQLite2. This software consists of a single source file that is dropped into a directory on a server and then visited in a browser. There is no installation required. The available operations, feature set, interface, and user experience are comparable to that of other popular database management tools. It's light weight and consists of a single file. It's translated and available in over 10 languages and counting. You can specify and manage an unlimited number of databases and you can also specify a directory and its subdirectories to scan for databases.