Customer Support


osTicket is a ticket system that has been developed so it is easy to scale and will streamline your customer service, drastically improving your customers experience. Not only is it widely used and trusted, but this open source support seamlessly routes inquiries created via e-mail, Web forms and phone calls into a simple multiuser, web-based customer support platform. It is also packed with more features and tools than most of the expensive and complex support ticket systems on the market. The fact that it's free makes it an even more valuable tool for online businesses and you can be up and running a short amount of time.


HESK is PHP help desk software that is being offered as a free download. It will help you improve customer support by receiving, tracking and organizing customer support issues by department and by urgency. You will be able to reduce your workload using the integrated knowledgebase to decrease the number of support requests. It will also help you save time and money at it is simple to use, fast, light weight, secure and user-friendly. Using its centralized support system, it is able to handle customer inquiries obtained through a web form, e-mail or a telephone call. The user can set up unlimited categories in order to sort tickets by urgency and examine their status. This way, you always know what needs to be resolved next.

Open Web Messenger

Open Web Messenger is a free open source live support application written in MySQL and PHP. This gives your visitors the chance to chat one on one in real-time directly from your website. After the Web messenger button has been placed on your site, all your visitors need to do is click the button and they will have access to an operator who can chat with and help them. The program's features include an unlimited number of chats, users and operators. There is also a queue where you can set visitor priority. This application runs on your domain and server and has an easy to modify source code as well. Buttons can be added to show an online or off-line status with an optional message to show what operators are away.

Help Center Live

Help Center Live is a leading open source live chat application dedicated to providing top quality support products and helping you meet your chat and support demands. You can easily provide live support on your website the same way larger companies do with very little work. This gives your visitors access to a real-time, live support or sales person experience. The requirements include having PHP 4.3.2 or greater installed, as well as MySQL 1.3 or greater. You must also have a database for HCL on board. There are different versions of this software so check the documentation if you have an older version and want to upgrade.


phpOnline is a live customer support script program that is free to download and operate on your website. This download installation works quickly and easily and has been published under the General Public License. You are free to modify the source code as much as you want, however you are not allowed to remove the copyright statement. In order to do this legally, you need to purchase a license. When you install this program, you'll have the ability to send an e-mail while you're off-line and also use the multilingual support. Flash files and runtime flash components are also supported.


iQDesk is a software program for business management that is able to be downloaded quickly and will bring the next generation of services to your website clients. This program can not only provide quotes but also generate billing invoices to your clients using the rates and currencies you enter in. This software can be customized as well to reflect the design of your company and it will give your clients a clear view of who you are. Features that are included are employees management, clients management, tasks management, cash flow management, projects management and much more. This is a download you cannot afford to miss when you want to make your company that much more profitable.

Crafty Syntax

Crafty Syntax is a free download application where you can monitor chat sessions and visitor sessions while people are on your website. It will give you all the necessary tools to chat with users with at the same time, using a special and unique tab system. The data section of the program will track keywords, page visits, messages and transcripts for you to review later. Layers will give your operators the chance to proactively invite visitors to chat even if they have pop-up blockers enabled. The tools are also in place to customize chat windows for each customer, modifying the top graphic, colors and themes as you wish. Chat systems like this are great for website owners who need an all-inclusive system and want to give their visitors the help they need immediately.

Trellis Desk

Trellis Desk is a help solution that is powerful and robust and can help any company be more profitable and helpful to its customers. Customers can quickly and easily submit support tickets and get answers to their questions. The advanced features that it includes give your company the ability to handle customer support much more efficiently. The fact that this download is free means that you do not have to set aside a large chunk of your budget to purchase it. Basic features that the software includes are ticket priority levels, ticket departments, group permissions and much more. The advanced features include a multi-moderation application and a rich text editor, along with multilanguage features.

Live helper chat

Live Helper Chat is a free, flexible and open source live support chat system for your website. This application will support Apple devices as well as android for mobile access. You can also download additional free modules for frequently asked questions, browsers, documents and easy theme choices. The drag-and-drop feature lets you share files and images easily. You can invite others to chat or track the online use of visitors. Chats can also be archived and saved with notes. Since this live chat is accessible via mobile devices, your customers will be able to receive help from wherever their current location is.

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk offers users a chance to use a single database to manage support for multiple companies. There's also a single interface something you can access all the information in one location. Each company will have its own branded client portal. There is limited staff access based on domain and departments access that the administrator assigns to them. End-users and customers are never aware that their request had been handled by one central helpdesk instead of their own individual companies. Also, each company can have its own administrative settings based on the different knowledge base, allowing their customers to find answers on their own.


ExoPHP Desk is new to the business and they are working on creating an end product that will benefit online website owners. When they get funding, they will have a full-fledged product that allows them to give business owners free server optimization and PHP assistance. They will also be offering cheap and reliable Web service and free English dictionary. The message forum will be a place to connect with other business owners who are using their custom PHP programming services. However, right now they only have a demo available with some basic services can be downloaded. If you would like to donate to this project and help them get going, you have the option to do that through their website.


phpMyFAQ is a free software application for frequently asked questions that uses PHP. It's available for many databases and is an open source scalable program. This will help correct multiple security vulnerabilities in your current FAQ software and you can even use a password to protect the content management system it offers. As the admin, you'll have the ability to set up permission-based accounts for groups and users alike, as well as authentication for single sign-ons. Social network connections make it simple to share your content safely and create a community where readers can connect using the community modules. The application also gives you the tools to backup and restore your permission.

Maian Support

Maian Support is the right solution when you need a powerful, fast and free support tickets at them for your online business. If you choose to use the free version, you won't have to worry about additional ads or time limits as you use the software. However, if you decide to purchase a commercial license, not only will you receive the copyright removal code, but also full functionality for the entire program, as well as free upgrades for life. Some of the most helpful features this program offers include custom fields for your ticket forms, customer account portals and access to the web API. If the admin chooses to do so, they can combine the support ticket and dispute systems as well.


HelpDEZk is set up to handle numerous customer support requests by working with PHP language and an MVC architecture. By taking advantage of the multilingual support, you can help customers across the globe and give them access to a specific knowledge base at the same time. Since you will have the capability to open tickets by email, response times will be faster and your customers and readers will be far more satisfied. This is a software application that can be customized based on which downloads you decide to install and use. You may also want to try to the demo and see how it helps you with customer tickets and improve the overall website.

Support Incident Tracker

Support Incident uses MySQL and PHP for their web-based application and this program will allow you to manage sites, technical support contracts, contacts and support incidents. One convenient location holds all of this information for you and allows you to send e-mails directly from the software. Files can be easily attached and communications can be recorded in the incident log. A service-level agreement will let you flag incidents if they stray outside the typical boundaries. If you would like to donate to this project, you can do so from the website. There are no downloads to worry about, because this is a web-based application and can be used from anywhere.