Wordpress is a user-friendly blog or business site where you can create a virtual presence quickly and easily. Easy to use templates that are quickly customized help you present your content in whatever fashion and style you prefer. Updates can be automatically implemented, which means that the user does not have to be technically savvy. This is the perfect site for a beginning blogger or experienced website user to present their personal material or business content on the web and have it look like it was professionally done. The setup process only takes minutes as well, making it easy to be online in a very short time.

Open Blog

Open Blog comes already equipped with templates of all kinds to make personal and business blogging an easy process. It is easy to install on your computer and can be edited using the WYSIWYG editor in a short amount of time. When updates are released, they can be quickly applied and you can use a wide variety of plugins to make the reading experience for enjoyable for site visitors. This open source format is easy to learn and convenient to navigate, so the blog owner does not have to understand all the technical details that work in the background to take full advantage of them.


Serendipity is a PHP type of blogging software, web-based and easy for anyone to use. Not only can you choose from more than 80 official templates and each of these can be customized to your preferences. As a casual blogger, you'll appreciate the chance to create a personal diary and share this with your preferred audience. As a business owner, you'll discover ways to set up a business page using plenty of professional applications. Your audience will have a way to stay connected and engaged with your posted content, making this site profitable for you. Use the outstanding support for any questions or concerns you have and you'll discover this is the perfect blogging software to start using today!


Dotclear is a webblog system that gives you automatic antispam protection and has automated installation as well. Once it's installed, you have access to several different themes and plugins which are going to help you customize whichever layout you select. That means you're going to present your personal or business content in the manner which connects with your readers the most. The free license means that anyone can afford it as well, and the multilingual interface ensures that everyone can read what is posted. Static pages and a media manager help you post what counts to your readers and what is going is to help you achieve your goals.


B2evolution is a fully integrated blogging system that is installed on your web server that also gives you access to a community and emailing solution. You'll have the capabilities to create your own newsfeeds, photo streams and blogs containing any type of media. The difference between b2evolution is that it allows for multiple blogs with various streams of content, but full user management for each of them. Each of these can be customized with their own design and look, as well as whatever widgets you require. Once it's set up, you can change and update the content at any time.


Textpattern is a content management system that is perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog or create a business page with flexible and powerful plugins and tools. You'll be fully customized and online in just minutes by following the easy instructions and step by step menus. With the ability to tag your content, you'll be able to decide which readers see which material and how they can share it on social media sites. The minimalist design ensures that your site has a clean design and is easy to read, despite the news feeds, photos and posts you have published online.


Ghost blogging platform is the one simple, clean software system you've been waiting for to create an online presence and share either your personal thoughts or information about what your business provides. There is not a lot of clutter on the screen and you can just share the information and get the readers' attention. The free software is easy to download and then it's yours to do with as you wish, as an open source software project. Once you have it installed, you'll have all the tools necessary to create your blog and share content with your online readers quickly.


LifeType blogging lets you add features to your personal or business page with just a click from a wide selection of plugins and features. There is the added benefit of antispam protection and the ability to moderate comments through safety features and human tests. Trackbacks can be linked to each post so you can see where most of your readers are coming from and which posts are attracting the most attention, helping you make your site that much better. With the ability to have multiple users on each blog, you can set up a site where several individuals can post content, respond to comments and generally engage your audience more effectively.


Nibbleblog is one of the easiest blogging platforms to use, after you download and install it. Not only does the simple design lead you through the setup process, but you can change these details at any time. The templates that are available to choose from can be selected with just a click and this can be done between pages. The testing process to see which of these your readers respond to is much simpler since this can be done at any time. Managing comments is another great feature, since there is a tab specifically for replying and handling comments that readers want to post.


Pixie is a blogging system set up with the intent that anyone should be able to create a virtual presence and share content online. It works behind the scenes on your page and doesn't advertise to your visitors that it's there. For those that are unfamiliar with FTP, there is a step by step guide on how to proceed from step one. Along with that, there are several tips and advice for you to read through. With this simple and light system, it ensures that readers have the best experience with add-ons, features and plugins to create just the right page for your visitors.


Nucleus is a software program that has not been updated in some time, but if you want a blogging platform, it's still available in a static state. Until it's archived, there is another software creator who has posted some plugins to make the basic program better for new users. The PHP basis for the software is something that might work for more experienced users but be prepared to work through some of the installation issues. This is one of the blogging software systems that is free but it might not be the best choice for beginners who want a simple experience.


Chyrp is a software system that was designed to be more simple than some of the major blogging systems that are in place. This is why the code is so simple and users can customize their page from the bottom up. It's driven by MySQL and PHP with a robust engine behind it. Once you have decided on the kind of theme you want to work with, you can modify the pages as you wish. It's also set up to work in a variety of circumstances, anything from a business use to a personal blog, where you can share ideas with your readers.


Eggblog is free blogging software that will lead you step by step through the process to set up anything from a personal journal to a business blog where you can share valuable information with your readers. It is also very simple to add the right photos and videos to make the pages more engaging. In order to get started, you just need to download the software and install it, which is a quick process. Any time there is an update, you will be notified and this will ensure that your virtual site is always running the most up to date software.


PivotX is a free blogging system where you can maintain multiple webblog pages and customize each of them with a variety of templates. When they are displayed, you can choose to have them displayed in either chronological format or whatever you prefer. The tools that are included in this software make it easy to craft your personal HTML using the WYSIWYG editor. Depending on what media you'd like to include such as videos and pictures, these are easy to post as well, and will only take a few minutes to include. When the templates are available to choose between, you'll find that it's simple to just click and install one.