Ad Management


OSClass is a software set that comes with plenty of templates and plugins in order to make your classified ads site more exciting and interactive. Whether you want to share ads for advertising real estate or jobs, this kit can be translated fully into 15 different languages and can handle literally thousands of ads. With this kind of capability, more users will be attracted to your page and the fact that this is 100% free open code means that your time investment is more than worth it. You can manage the themes, the map settings, the headers and everything that affects the entire page. This is why so many people are looking into OSClass as a solution for their website objectives.

Noahs Classifieds

Noahs Classifieds give its users the ability to not only take advantage of custom themes and layouts but also to have a professional website that is ready for business in just a few minutes. With the e-commerce plugin and the ability to separate information clearly on the page, your classified ads can be set up specifically for the niche you want to focus on. The VIP center will give you access to special information and a support center exists where you can find all the necessary answers. Video tutorials are available to watch and learn more about the website set up and to make it more interactive for your site visitors.

Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is a free open source platform where you can enable publishers, ad networks and advertisers to serve ads on websites, in apps, in video players and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions. They can also manage campaigns for multiple advertisers from ad networks all at once using an easy to use interface. With defined rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting and geo-targeting, gathering information becomes a lot easier. There is also track and report campaign performance so users can measure the current click through and conversion rates, revenue and basket value of each ad.


Open Classifieds is based on an HTML5 script that is fully customizable and comes with a toolbox of all the key factors for success that you need including the full source code, which is especially helpful if you're a developer. In a very short amount of time, your classified ads site can be running for free with only a small time investment. When you look into the admin management, you'll find that you can moderate the entire site using a variety of options and settings. Social network integration is very simple since this package already contains the tools and links you need to share ads properly. This platform is prepared to display properly on a variety of screen sizes as well, so your visitors can view your content on mobile devices.


G Pix Pixel is a free and powerful million pixel script created by a college student from England. It only requires a PHP/MySQL web server and the ability to use chmod files and folders. There are also several new GPix skins as well, letting you customize the appearance of the page. The GLink Word Link script uses words instead of pixels, and you can set up the feature gallery and its advanced settings, which include the ability to use interlaced images. Multiple payment modules can be chosen from, depending on what your audience seems to prefer. There are also advanced tools for storing site settings of the database, while maintaining it.